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Adrian Wilson

  • 11th February 2015

    Taking heart from Wearable Tech

    A number of US heart patients have recently gained highly-valued independence as a result of wearable technology, Adrian Wilson reports.

  • 22nd January 2015

    Reading the fine print

    Despite its many production advantages, digital printing still has a hill to climb, according to our technical textiles expert, Adrian Wilson, who reports from Heimtextil 2015.

  • 16th December 2014

    What’s with all the UK optimism?

    The business landscape appears to have changed almost overnight for long-suffering textile manufacturers in the UK, believes our technical textiles expert Adrian Wilson.

  • 20th November 2014

    Wind, road and air – three huge opportunities

    The biggest growth markets for the composites industry will be in the BRIC countries and other parts of South East Asia, Adrian Wilson reports.

  • 3rd November 2014

    High performers under the bonnet

    Adrian Wilson, who attended the Filtrex 2014 conference organised by EDANA, says nonwoven media both for fuel and air filtration in vehicles are having to become increasingly sophisticated nowadays

  • 14th October 2014

    Getting networked in the UK

    Adrian Wilson underlines the potential that collaboration with an organisation like the Nonwovens Network could result in.

  • 5th August 2014

    Total cover for Guanghzhou

    Around 40,000 tons of warp knitted fabrics are now produced annually for large scale advertising billboards and hoardings. Read more about the findings that were presented by VDMA Textile Machinery Association at the recent ITMA ASIA + CITME exhibition...

  • 30th June 2014

    After the horse has bolted...

    Adrian Wilson reports from Shanghai and finds out why the number of European textile machinery manufacturers at ITMA Asia + CITME 2014 has shrunk.

  • 27th May 2014

    Some unlikely bedfellows....

    What do Coca Cola, IBM, Kodak and Walt Disney have to do with the future of technical textiles? According to our expert Adrian Wilson, their groundbreaking technologies may have a great impact on the future of technical textiles...

  • 29th April 2014

    Good things come in small packages

    Packaging is a comparatively small but rapidly growing end-use application for nonwovens, representing around 240,000 tons of materials in 2014. This is approximately 4.1% of overall nonwovens consumption, but with a value of around €480 million and some ve

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