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Expert Opinion

  • Adrian Wilson

    On the Floor

    Internationally respected technical textiles journalist Adrian Wilson brings readers his latest news and views directly from the floor of the industry's leading exhibitions and conferences

  • Debra Cobb

    Expert Opinion

    Debra Cobb, a veteran of the US textiles industry with experience in the development and marketing of yarns, fabrics, and apparel trends, gives her expert opinion on the industry's latest innovations.

  • Billy Hunter

    Editor's Viewpoint

    Innovation in Textiles' founder and editor Billy Hunter is a chartered textile technologist with more than 30 years of experience in textiles manufacturing, nonwovens, textile machinery, research and development and textiles journalism.

  • Sabine Anton-Katzenbach

    Expert Opinion

    Textile finishing specialist and journalist Cert-eng. Sabine Anton-Katzenbach gives her expert opinion on key events and issues affecting the industry.

  • Bill Smith


    William C. (Bill) Smith, began Industrial Textile Associates in 1986, a consulting firm in the field of technical textiles. He has over 47 years' experience and his expertise includes sales, product and market development, product and marketing management, technical writing and editing.

  • Cath Rogan

    Expert Opinion

    Cath Rogan is the Principal of Smart Garment People, a boutique consulting business that helps customers make clothing 'smart' and technology wearable. Cath has spent over two decades developing technical fabrics and clothing for some of the world's leading outdoor and sports brands.

  • Eugene Gerden

    Expert Opinion

    Eugene Gerden is an international free-lance writer, who specializes in covering global technical textile and non-wovens industry. He worked for several industry titles and can be reached at [email protected]