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8th February 2011, Hamm

LCA confirms CO2 footprint reduction for ECO2Technology

ECO2Technology in actionAdvansa has announced that an Independent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has confirmed the CO2 footprint reduction of its ECO2Technology for its ThermoCool fibres. Advansa says the peer-reviewed study was conducted by TNO (Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) an independent research organization that focuses on applied science.

According to Advansa, the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study confirms an average reduction of 80% in emissions of global warming gases and reduction of non-renewable energy in Advansa’s ECO2 technology, used for ThermoCool products.

The LCA is a study conducted using a cradle to grave approach, with system expansion methodology, where the use stage has been excluded, and provides a reliable measurement of a number of parameters related to production of global warming gases or the use of non-renewable energy. Advansa says the study confirms that the technology used to manufacture ECO2 products means a lower CO2 footprint without compromising excellent moisture management and outstanding wearing comfort.

According to Advansa, its ThermoCool staple fibres are made using sophisticated recycling technology, whereby polymer based on post consumer PET is transformed through state-of-the-art manufacturing process into high-quality polyester fibre.

Advansa says the study shows a reduction of 80% in the Global Warming Potential (GWP) which is a characterisation model developed by the intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) aimed at measuring the greenhouse effect caused by CO2 emissions, also known as a carbon footprint. TNO’s LCA is also said to show a very significant reduction of the Non Renewable Energy Use (NREU) figure. The NREU is the sum of all energy used for the whole life cycle based on non-renewable resources. A non-renewable source is a natural resource like fossil fuels which cannot be produced, grown or used on a scale which can sustain its consumption rate.

“As an eco-responsible company, we are committed to develop products which respect the environment. In response to the growing demand for eco-friendly products, the technological innovation of Advansa’s ECO2 offers to our customers not only superior quality and high-end fabrics with outstanding thermo regulating performance characteristics but also a more environmentally friendly choice” said Gerard Illeras, Global ASW Market Manager .

“TNO’s study’s result is satisfactory because it confirms Advansa’s claims on products engineered to meet consumer’s demand for technically advanced garments that are also environmentally friendly” added Illeras.

To make consumers aware of ECO2 product’s ecological benefits, Advansa will provide to garment makers an additional exclusive ECO2 logo and hangtag to be added to the standard hangtag.

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