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Smart Textiles & Nanotechnology

  • 17th June 2013

    A stitch in time: Texprocess 2013

    The garment making-up industry has always been the labour-intensive ‘bottleneck’ of the conventional textile chain, despite attempts such as the Leapfrog EU7 project to streamline and automate all of its processes into a single-line system....

  • 14th June 2013

    PFOA and PFOS free nanocoatings for technical textiles

    Belgium based leader in low pressure plasma technology Europlasma launched a new range of nanocoatings under the Nanofics 110 brand name. Referring to nanoscaled functionalization into the core of complex shaped materials and products, Nanofics is Europlasma...

  • 7th June 2013

    Mak Fashion Lab’s new sound project

    In a new exhibition series MAK Fashion Lab is initiating a comprehensive examination of intelligent fashion as it presents the innovative BLESS No45 Soundperfume sound technology. Introducing the features of the new concept, such as personalised sonic ambienc...

  • 6th June 2013

    Textile trade fair duo to open with 1,648 exhibitors

    Techtextil hits a record number of exhibitors as it is due to open on the 11 June, while the exhibition running alongside, Texprocess, has confirmed its position as the leading international trade fair for cutting-edge textile-processing technologies. The two...

  • 6th June 2013

    Nylstar innovations on show at Techtextil

    Nylstar, one of the leading providers of Polyamide 6.6 filaments and yarns, will showcase its latest Meryl and Premium Nylgold fibres at Techtextil for the first time this year, presenting its new slogan: ‘Polyamide Feels Better’. Nylstar Polyamides that...

  • 21st May 2013

    On the winning road with X-BIONIC

    Earlier this year when 4,662 innovative products from 1,865 inventive companies competed for one of the world’s most treasured design prizes, the red dot - X-BIONIC, the high-tech sportswear brand won double honours in Essen. The innovative Swiss company was...

  • 7th May 2013

    Techtextil: Nanotechnology gains traction in technical textiles

    In the run in to Techtextil, the leading trade fair for technical textiles and industrial nonwovens, organisers Messe Frankfurt have published the following article on the spread of nanotechnology in technical textiles. The article shows how nanotechnology is ...

  • 6th May 2013

    Atmospheric plasma increases breathability of spunbonds

    The Journal of Industrial Textiles has published the results of a study conducted by Texas Tech University and Enercon Industries that determined when spunbond polypropylene nonwoven fabrics are pre-treated with atmospheric plasma it increases the breathabilit...

  • 2nd May 2013

    New advisory services from David Rigby

    Well known industry consultant David Rigby (formerly David Rigby Associates) is now providing personal advisory and consulting services to business owners, CEOs and senior managers in technical textiles and industrial nonwovens, with the aim of helping them c...

  • 28th April 2013

    Still Standing – The real story of North Carolina’s textiles industry

    This video was made by Robert Newton a TV documentary producer whose family were in textiles in North Carolina for generations. Newton got the idea for the documentary after he found himself constantly correcting people who said that the textiles industry in N...

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