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Adrian Wilson

  • 10th October 2013

    The Future in Confusion

    The big problem with 3D printing as a potentially DIY-driven new force in manufacturing is that not much that’s being produced on an entry-level system so far looks like it’s worth owning – or even throwing away for that matter. How is it possible to ge

  • 23rd September 2013

    Give Coke a fracking chance!

    At recent conferences, I’ve become aware that European manufacturers of manmade fibres, nonwovens and technical textiles are starting to resent the many hoops they’re now obliged to jump through in order to comply with increasingly strict regulations – a

  • 5th August 2013

    The digital signposts to success: Fespa 2013

    The growth of digital textile printing to date has largely been down to applications for ‘soft signage’. Promotional banners and displays and other wide-format applications – as was much in evidence at Fespa 2013, which celebrated its 50th anniversary at

  • 12th July 2013

    Reuse, recycle or sometimes simply burn?

    According to figures from the UK government-funded WRAP organisation, the country’s recycling industry is now worth an annual £3 billion and employs 40,000 people. Yet according to Bill Griffiths of Viridor – a leading recycling, renewable energy and was

  • 17th June 2013

    A stitch in time: Texprocess 2013

    The garment making-up industry has always been the labour-intensive ‘bottleneck’ of the conventional textile chain, despite attempts such as the Leapfrog EU7 project to streamline and automate all of its processes into a single-line system.

  • 9th April 2013

    Au naturel for next wave composites

    Despite having only really emerged since the 1940s, the value of the worldwide composites market is now estimated to be worth an annual €77 billion and to account for around 550,000 jobs worldwide.

  • 8th March 2013

    Growing your own at Ecobuild 2013

    Technical textiles will have a key role to play in the challenge of building with less and designing lighter, stronger and yet more efficient buildings.

  • 28th January 2013

    Overcoming all obstacles at Colombiatex

    Technical fabrics and performance apparel have a key role to play in finding new international niche markets for Colombia’s textile industry. This was immediately apparent at the 2013 Colombiatex trade fair which celebrated its 25th anniversary from January

  • 10th December 2012

    Cutting the twist and crimp

    The presence of Boeing and Citroen at the latest confrence held by CELC – the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp – illustrates how seriously the potential of flax and other bast fibre fabrics to replace glass in composites is now being taken.

  • 2nd October 2012

    Dornbirn 2012: The future’s for sharing

    In marking its 50th anniversary in 2011, the Dornbirn Conference celebrated the contribution of the manmade fibres industry to society over the last half a century. At the 2012 event in Austria from September 19-21 – with over 100 individual presentations a

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