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15th March 2010, Guangzhou

Advansa debuts with high-tech solutions at Interzum Guangzhou

European polyester producer Advansa is introducing its multifunctional, ecological and high-tech fibre innovations Thermo°Cool, Climarelle and Suprelle to the Chinese market at the forthcoming home textiles fair Guangzhou. The event runs from 27 – 30 March.

According to Advansa, one of its key values guiding the development of new products, is environmental protection; reducing environmental impacts of the company’s activities which includes environmentally responsible procedures in all areas of the company, eco-friendly processes and energies, and finally eco-friendly products.

“As an eco-responsible company, we are committed to developing product which respects the environment, in response to the growing demand of an increasingly eco-conscious market for eco-friendly technology. With our high-tech products Advansa Thermo°Cool, Climarelle and Suprelle, we have textile products, offering to customers not only high-quality and high end fabrics with excellent performance characteristics but with which we are also offering to customers the possibility to make an ecological choice” said Björn Fittje, Business Manager Advansa.

Advansa is a leading European manufacturer of polyester fibre and filament, both POY and textured, for home, apparel and technical textiles. The company also makes polyester intermediates and polymer solutions. Advansa says it is committed to quality and innovation and is continuously investing in research and development. The company aims to combine excellent technology with a thorough understanding of the end user’s wants and needs. Advansa says this approach results in meaningful, innovative and ecological products such as the Advansa Thermo°Cool, Climarelle and the Suprelle family that perform to the most stringent product and brand evaluation and consideration of consumers in Asia and offer a true performance advantage to the end users.

Dual functionality

Advansa Thermo°Cool is made with a unique fibre mix with a hollow core along with fibres with a channelled surface. Fabrics for bedding are able to provide dual-functionality which the company says offers superior moisture management and temperature control to keep sleepers at a comfortable temperature.

Evaporative cooling

Advansa says that Thermo°Cool technology incorporates both evaporative cooling and thermo buffering functions and adds that evaporative cooling is essential for comfort and helps the body to stay in its ‘comfort zone’. The fibres are designed with increased surface area and multi-channels totransport moisture away faster than other materials. The hollow fibres allow enhanced air circulation and focus energy on the evaporation process to achieve maximum evaporative cooling.

Advansa says hollow void yarns in the fabric provide a lightweight material with thermo buffering properties, capturing the air, thus becoming a natural insulator and helping to create a barrier between the outside and the inside. “It will help the user to be more warm and comfortable and meeting the demands of an eco-conscious market, Advansa Thermo°Cool is also available in an ECO version using a polymer made from renewable resources,” the company says.

Phase change materials

Climarelle is a high-tech brand bringing thermo-regulation to a range of bedding, sleeping bags and insulated apparel. The Phase Change Material (PCM) microcapsules integrated within the Climarelle become fluid with a cooling effect when temperature is higher than ideal. When body temperature falls again, the microcapsules change phase from liquid to solid, releasing heat energy to the body and helping it to keep warm despite lower temperatures. Thus, according to Advansa, thermo-regulating microcapsules store warmth actively and release it only when necessary, providing a balanced sleeping temperature all night long.

Memory foam

Suprelle Memory is an ergonomic, but not preformed pillow with pressure-relieving qualities similar to viscose foam. The fibre produces this viscoelastic effect, which ensures that the pillow is continually adapting to the movements of head and neck without restricting the sleeper’sfreedom of movement, thus allowing the muscles to relax properly. The effective moisture management and breathability of the filling material and covering avoid sweating and provide a good microclimate and a special comfortable support all night long. Advansa claims that Suprelle Memory pillow has an outstanding softness thanks to its extremely short-cut micro denier fibres.

Eco friendly bedding concept

Suprelle Fresh with Tencel is the eco-friendly innovation in bedding concept specially designed to improve moisture management and air circulation in mattress ticking for a balanced micro-climate which is essential for a good night’s sleep. The combination of two complementary fibres, Tencel and Suprelle Fresh, offers an effective solution to problems of night-sweats. Mattress ticking made of Suprelle Fresh with Tencel allow permanent moisture wicking and excellent air circulation thereby providing superior breathability and quick drying. The natural and soft touch of the fabric gives the consumer an additional optimal feeling and comfort and contributes to a significantly relaxing and restful sleep, the company says.

Anti-dust mite and anti-microbial

Suprelle Ultra contains extremely fine, anti-dust mite and anti-microbial four-hole fibre technology that is selected for the filling of this product, resulting in an unmatched softness and excellent durability for a maximum comfort while maintaining the shape and firmness.

Micro fibre

Advansa says Suprelle Micro’s outstanding micro fibre technology has been designed to match the unique characteristics of real down and offers excellent thermal insulation in duvets and soft, supportive comfort in pillows, with its ability to return to its original shape. The unique softness of Suprelle Micro comes from its ultra fine and short fibres and allows a perfect balance between comfort and technical performance, says Advansa.

The company adds that its Suprelle ExtraLife with its premium fibre filling for fresh and durable comfort provides moisture management fine-tuned to perfection. Thanks to the advanced 3-dimensional helicoidal fibre, Suprelle ExtraLife gives superior resilience with a long lasting performance in all mattress applications, Advansa says.

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