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ADVANSA to present its latest fibre innovations at INDEX17

The company offers a large portfolio of customized products with more than 35 individual fibre types.

6th March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Hamm


ADVANSA, a leading supplier for the nonwoven wallpaper industry, will be promoting its latest innovations on short cut, staple and other products for the nonwoven industry at INDEX17, which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 4-7 April 2017.

The company offers a large portfolio of customised products with more than 35 individual fibre types – all made using sophisticated production technology from Germany. “Next to standard fibres with a cross-section of 12 µm and cut length of 6mm ADVANSA has also a differentiated offer with various diameters and cut lengths as premium ingredient which can influence the properties, such as roughness or thickness, and which can balance properties, such as thermal shrinkage, as well as wet dimensional stability,” the manufacturer reports.

“Hence, the demands of the wallpaper manufacturers on their final products can be easily fulfilled by adjusting the attributes during the manufacturing process of the nonwoven products.”

Environmentally friendly solutions

In developing some of its materials, ADVANSA uses its innovative recycling technology – using polymer based on traceable post-consumer PET bottle – which is said to ensure high quality fibres as eco-option, giving people the choice to contribute to a more efficient climate protection.

ADVANSA also offers innovative environmentally friendly technologies, with regard to the consumption of water and energy, reducing the impact of the company´s activities with eco-responsible strategies. The company has been awarded several international eco-labels for its efforts, achievements and a wide range of fibres, the company reports.

CO2 compensation

In addition, ADVANSA also offers a CO2 compensation of remaining emissions for some of its fibre products manufactured from sustainable recycled fibre production.

ADVANSA thereby supports international environmental projects, such as reforestation, as well as investing in wind power or water treatment in those regions affected by climate change. Utilising the carbon compensation option therefore permits all market participants to support commitment to sustainability, an alternative opportunity to protect the environment.

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