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Beaulieu Fibres International to exhibit its fibre technologies at ITMA 2015

At its stand, B.F.I. will present the advantages of its fibre technologies for geotextile and automotive component manufacturing.

11th November 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wielsbeke

Transport/​Aerospace, Agriculture, Sports/​Outdoor

Beaulieu Fibres International (B.F.I.), the leading European polypropylene staple fibre supplier, will reveal the benefits of its high-performance fibres in maximizing the output and cost-efficiency of state-of-the-art nonwoven equipment at ITMA 2015 that starts in Milan this week.

The company’s industry-reference polyolefin (PO) fibres are valued in diverse market segments for ensuring top performance and more sustainable processing of lightweight nonwovens and composites.

At its stand, B.F.I. will present the advantages of its fibre technologies for geotextile and automotive component manufacturing.

Fibre innovations

“High-quality fibres play a crucial role in delivering the specifications promised by machinery manufacturers – an aspect often under-estimated when purchasing state-of-the-art equipment,” commented Jefrem Jennard, market and product development manager at Beaulieu Fibres International.

“B.F.I.’s industry-reference fibre innovations bring a different level of performance to these machines that can contribute to greater sustainability and the ability to maximize return on investment. At the same time, our fibres deliver advanced capabilities for the nonwoven or composite.”

HT8 fibres

The company’s HT8 fibres are said to offer unique high tenacity capabilities of minimum 54cN/tex without compromising on elongation (minimum 70%) for lightweight geotextiles.

These 4.4-6.7 dtex super tenacity fibres provide opportunities to reduce system cost by allowing customers to maximize machine output and ensure desired performance with weight savings of 10-15% compared to standard geotextile fibres, according to the manufacturer.

Customised low melt thermoplastic PO fibres

B.F.I.’s fibre families for each composite blend – PET, natural and mineral fibre – are individually customised and designed for processing on the specific equipment types for each processing technology, to support optimal production and yields.

Each offers dimensional stability and excellent elongation capacity, not just during nonwoven production but also during further processing steps, the company reports.

Hygiene market

For visitors from the hygiene sector, the company will focus on latest fibre launches from its Italian subsidiary Meraklon – tailor-made hygiene fibres for improved softness and coverage.

B.F.I. features fibres with a trilobal cross-section to address the requirements of good coverage in lightweight nonwovens and BICO-fibres made with Polyethylene (PE) in the sheath and Polypropylene (PP) in the core. The BICO-fibres are designed to improve the softness and bonding in nonwovens made for the hygiene market, but can be also used in any other application where a good bonding strength is required.

“B.F.I. is at the forefront in encouraging sustainable growth through innovation, and our latest solutions on-show at ITMA 2015 emphasise this. New investments are planned to further support this growth,” said Donald de Deygere, sales and marketing manager at Beaulieu Fibres International.

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