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SITM develops 40 gauge weft insertion machine

French warp knitting machine engineering company Schinasi International Textile Machines (SITM) has developed what is thought to be the world’s finest weft insertion device for a tricot warp knitting machine in gauge E40 (40 needles per inch).

25th April 2012

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Paris

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French warp knitting machine engineering company Schinasi International Textile Machines (SITM) has developed what is thought to be the world’s finest weft insertion machine for a tricot warp knitting machine in gauge E40 (40 needles per inch).

The company which is based in Chanteloup les Vignes , a half hour train ride from central Paris, is claiming the machine as a ‘world first’, as until now the finest available gauge for weft insertion tricot machines was 36E, launched by SITM in 2011.

“The 40E weft insertion machine was developed specifically for an SITM customer who wanted to innovate his range of fabrics. It is fitted to a second hand machine type HKS MSU 150” machine,” SITM’s Jordan Schinasi told Knitting Industry.

“We just finished to realize our latest innovation which is the world finest gauge ever mounted on a weft insertion machine. The 40 gauge.”

“For 6 months we have develop this project and we are now proud to see the machine running in production. This ‘secret machine’ was developed for a European customer who needed to update his machines with finest gauge in order to remain the leader on his field.”

SITM announced in March last year that it had developed 36E weft insertion device for a customer and the retrofitted machine had been running successfully in production at the customer’s factory.  The device was designed and manufactured using high grade parts by SITM’s engineers and retrofitted to a used machine type HKS MSU 130" weft insertion machine.

Technical details

According to SITM, the new 40E weft insertion machine now supersedes the 36E device as the world’s finest gauge fitted on a weft insertion machine.

But it is not just a case of building a fine gauge on a weft insertion machine and fitting it to a used machine. This machine has been fully reconditioned and converted from 22 gauge to 40 gauge – a world first, SITM says. All of the knitting elements had to be specially moulded for the machine as the gauge is new.

In addition the needle bar and closure bar had to be specially built and the weft insertion hooks are also said to be the finest in the world. All machine settings also had to be revised.

“New EBA and EAC were also installed thanks to our NS4 system that allows the user a very simple interface to change the yarn run in and the stitches per centimetre of the fabric. It gives also access to all the function of the machine like oil heating, speed and shifts,” Jordan Schinasi says.

The new 40E weft insertion machine runs at 700rpm using a very fine microfiber yarn (DTEX10) in both warp beams and weft. According to SITM, the fabric realized on the machine is the lightest ever made on a weft insertion machine (8g/m2) and the new technology offers new opportunities to sell the fabric for many different applications. SITM was not willing to comment on what the applications are.


SITM was created in 1986 in a Paris suburb by the current owner Nessim Schinasi, and has been a partner of German warp knitting machine builder LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH for 40 years. SITM represents Liba in sales of new machines in France, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. However, the company’s main activity is the rebuilding of both Liba and Karl Mayer tricot and raschel machines and it claims to be the only such company to specialise in reconditioning machines from both of the leading German builders.

SITM, which has a highly experienced and qualified technical team, fully reconditions and exports around 80 machines per year to a wide range of customers all over the world. The company also holds large stocks of original spare parts and aims to update the machines it sells with the latest technologies, setting it apart from its competitors.

SITM’s list of available used Liba and Karl Mayer's machines is regularly updated in its database and the company encourages interested parties to visit its website on a regular basis to keep up to date with its special offers. The company’s staff is at the disposal of customers for demonstrations, instruction and to solve any technical problems at its new showroom and workshop near Paris.

SITM can provide technical assistance via its own skilled technicians and offer machines according to the customer’s budget. Second hand LIBA and Karl Mayer textile machines are offered which have a maximum age of 10 years old. Machines are rebuilt using original or brand new parts which SITM claims can give their customers production similar to that of new machines. All types of accessories can also be fitted and the company can also help to develop new concept machines from customers own ideas.

Apart from new and reconditioned machines, SITM also offers a wide range of spare parts, for both Liba and Karl Mayer machines. The company offers mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, as well as knitting elements in gauges E14, E18, E20, E24, E28, E32,E36 an E40. Stocks in new or second hand parts are regularly replenished which enables SITM to offer fast and efficient delivery to its customers all over the world.

Further information


22 rue Joseph Cugnot

78570 Chanteloup les vignes


Tel : +33 1 39 70 85 02

Fax : +33 1 39 74 14 55

Email : [email protected]



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