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TAL to promote SAF technology in Abu Dhabi

The new technology creates new possibilities for the development of fabrics that can be used for agricultural and horticultural solutions.

6th March 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Grimsby

Sustainable, Agriculture

The new technology creates new possibilities for the development of fabrics that can be used for short and long-term agricultural and horticultural solutions, from hanging basket liners to commercial scale projects, even in areas of low water availability, according to the manufacturer.

Such technical fabrics are designed to achieve highly controlled delivery of water and nutrients to root systems, whilst significantly reducing evaporative loss and water seepage. With its hot and dry climate, the Middle East is an area with huge potential for such a technology.

Sustainability and innovation

GFIA 2015 will be the most influential event for all those wishing to contribute to the sustainable agriculture movement, and has created a platform to present the latest technologies and services. With sustainability and innovation at its core, GFIA brings together a group of potential partners, buyers, resellers, integrators, investors and collaborators.

“We have developed and tested a strong portfolio of products for this market,” commented Stuart Coomber, Technical Absorbents Commercial Manager.

“From liner fabrics for baskets to durable fabrics that can be buried below the grounds surface, our super absorbent technology offers a solution for anyone looking to reduce water usage or have a need to ensure plants don’t dehydrate during transportation. We can supply our technology as a fibre or as a finished fabric.”

Environmentally friendly solutions

“Wherever there is a requirement to manage water and nutrient delivery in a controlled and environmentally safe way, we can help devise a solution. During GFIA we hope to meet with many people from the regions agricultural industries, not only those with an interest in our technology but those from whom we can learn more about the demands of the market,” said Mr Coomber.

“We have an exciting and extremely versatile technology and will have a team of specialists on hand to help explain its capabilities and discuss any potential opportunities for its application.”

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