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Alchemie partners with HeiQ

Partners claim half the chemistry required by traditional finishing methods.

27th May 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Zürich, Switzerland


Alchemie Technology, based in Cambridge, UK, has announced a partnership with HeiQ, of Zurich, Switzerland, as it prepares the production rollout of its Novara digital finishing system to the global textile market later this year.

HeiQ is creating some of the most sustainable, effective, durable, high-performance textile technology available and Alchemie’s digital textile printing technology aims to transform the dyeing and finishing industry by reducing the environmental impact and costs of manufacturing via a waterless, low energy and low chemistry digital solution.

Novara technology can apply single-sided or simultaneous two-sided coating of multiple finishes to specific areas of a textile, combining, for example, anti-odour and water repellence in a single fabric. It enables high performance added value finishing at significantly lower costs, using on average, 50% less chemistry, 50% less energy, and providing a production cost saving up to 50% per metre.

“Extensive testing using HeiQ’s chemistry with our digital finishing technology has achieved exceptional finishing performance with half the chemistry required by traditional finishing methods,” said Alchemie MD Simon Kew.

Novara for single-sided finishing with HeiQ Viroblock, he added, required 52% less chemistry, 66% less water rand 50% less energy, whilst achieving a 99.7% reduction in antimicrobial activity after 15 washes at 400 degrees celsius.

“With the huge demand for high-performance antibacterial, antiviral finishing for face masks, medical apparel, gym wear, home furnishing, mattresses and textiles for high-risk, high traffic areas such as train, plane seats, our combined technology is critical for increasing protection and reducing environmental impact,” Kew said.

Novara also enables unique lifestyle product innovations at lower production costs for fashion, sportswear, technical clothing and upholstery such as combining sustainable odour control, skin care additives, and fragrance finishing, without impacting breathability, hand feel or wicking. It is suitable for finishing all fabric types, from 50-1000 gsm, including polyester, cotton, nylon and poly-cotton.

“We’re delighted to partner with Alchemie Technology in its journey to transform the textile industry with solutions that reduce the environmental impact of dyeing and finishing,” said HeiQ CEO Carlo Centonze. “With such compelling cost benefits, Alchemie’s technology delivers both for the textile industry and the environment.”

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