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19th July 2017, Leonberg

Algerian textiles producers on the upswing

The Algerian EPE-EATIT-SPA group has ordered a coating and laminating line from Brückner, the leading German producer of textile machinery, as part of its ongoing optimisation processes. The company earlier bought 52 Dornier looms to produce woven fabric made of polyamide and cotton for the domestic market.

The company, with a history dating back to 1984 and many re-organisations, today has seven sites and covers a large range of textiles, from garments to home textiles, professional clothes and technical textiles.

View of the roller accumulator and the coating and laminating line. © Brückner

As part of this optimisation, the old lines of the finishing and coating division have been replaced by new lines in order to carry this improved production standard with modern equipment forward into this important step of the production, the company explains.

The heart of the line is a 6-compartment stenter with a working width of 2.40 m, providing with its alternatingly arranged and patented split-flow technology for the temperature uniformity, which is a prerequisite for the coating and laminating processes.

Paste coating unit. © Brückner

The line is designed for a high production speed. To allow a production without interruptions there is a roller-type fabric accumulator with high fabric contents directly behind the unwinding unit for raw fabric. A padder and a Zimmer coating unit and a laminating calender at the exit are designed to allow the owner to apply a multitude of different applications onto his article. Among other things it is possible to make functionalisations, paste or foam coating and laminating with films or textile bonding.

Film laminating unit in the exit. © Brückner

“Thus, EATIT is in the position to make on the new Brückner coating and laminating line all products required by its market and the company has made an important step to offer also in future competitive and innovative textiles,” German machinery maker reports.


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