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Americhem to promote custom colour capabilities at INDEX17

Americhem says it can create a custom colour masterbatch that features ease of processing, less downtime, and product consistency.

23rd February 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Manchester


“At Americhem, we take a holistic approach to creating colour for our customers,” said Pierre Vandekerckhove, commercial manager EMEA. “We integrate closely with our customers so we can learn everything possible about their product specifications, manufacturing processes, and supply chain details.”

Custom colour can give a boost to brand owners and OEMs alike, the company reports. The ability to produce products and product packaging in the brand’s colours helps reinforce the value proposition to consumers when they are purchasing products. According to the manufacturer, knowing as much as possible about the colours and the process for producing them enables Americhem to create a custom colour masterbatch that features ease of processing, less downtime, product consistency, and best overall value for their money.

The right product

“Humans perceive colour in very different ways,” said Vandekerckhove. “That’s why it’s important to know the type and material of the colour target, the base resin and its grade, opacity, part thickness and a variety of other factors before we get to work on a match. It’s also important that the customer and supplier be coordinated on the evaluation light source, texture, instruments and tolerancing method.”

“This ensures that the product will look correct aesthetically and perform in its end-use application. This includes any physical properties that are imparted by additives which can be incorporated into an all-in-one product, containing colour and potentially multiple additives, all in a single pellet.”


Americhem is an organisation that delivers custom colour and additive solutions for customers seeking superior performance and batch-to-batch consistency for their polymer products.

Americhem creates very few “stock” or “off-the-shelf” colours. The company’s expertise is in making masterbatch products that are specific to the customer’s products, formulation and processing method. Specialising in custom colour and additive solutions has been a company hallmark for 75 years. The company is backed by central research and development in the US.and design labs and pilot lines at its Manchester, UK, European headquarters.


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