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Applied DNA Sciences introduces new supply chain platform

CertainT integrates molecular tagging, testing, tracking and reporting to elevate supply chain traceabilty, transparency and trust.

23rd March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Stony Brook, NY


The multi-service platform provides integrated, streamlined access to Applied DNA’s end-to-end products and services for confirming a product’s authenticity and origin with trust, transparency and traceability. Specifically, the CertainT platform includes: SigNature, molecular certificate tagging, forensic testing, quality assurance services, and traceability reporting as products are processed from raw fibres or materials to finished goods.

The CertainT Platform will be first incorporated into customer products in textile, apparel, footwear, pharmaceuticals, personal care and agricultural-related products. The CertainT emblem will appear in marketing materials and product labelling, the company reports.

Visible identification

“CertainT licensed partners will benefit by using the platform to create new and innovative products with visible identification to its customers. CertainT licensees will benefit from Applied DNA’s ecosystem of extensive expert knowledge of incorporating molecular tags into or onto a wide range of natural and synthetic materials, and with forensic testing and quality assurance practices within a dedicated supply chain,” said Dr James Hayward, CEO of Applied DNA Sciences.

“Brands, e-tailers and manufacturers that adopt CertainT, can now provide customers with products they trust with confidence. In today’s uncertain times, consumers are demanding more of their purchases.”

“There is a keen sensitivity to how products are manufactured and how original fibres or raw materials are handled – especially as it relates to in-home use.  The openness and transparency in the way products are made enable consumers to feel good about what they are buying. They are looking for the ultimate trust factor.”

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