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Arc flash clothing specialist launches new socks range

ProGARM, the UK’s leading specialist in arc flash protection, has announced the launch of a new socks range.

16th August 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Gilberdyke


ProGARM is dedicated to protecting lives through the manufacture and supply of arc flash and flame-resistant safety clothing. © ProGARM

ProGARM, the UK’s leading specialist in arc flash protection, has announced the launch of a new socks range, designed to further enhance the safety of workers who work around high and low voltage electricity.

While those across the UK at risk of an arc flash are already encouraged to wear full protective PPE, many operatives are wearing everyday base layers and undergarments underneath their outerwear PPE, leaving them at risk of severe burns.

This is because, while the flames caused by an arc flash may not actually come into contact with skin through the protective outer layers, the extreme heat from the event can in fact melt everyday materials beneath the outerwear, meaning everything from arc flash base tops to underwear and socks needs to be arc resistant to ensure full protection.

The new range, made from inherently flame-resistant material, includes heavy weight socks, designed to be worn beneath work boots, as well as compression socks, which feature medical benefits, such as improved circulation to reduce tiredness in the legs and preventing conditions such as DVT, as well as a silver anti-bacterial finish to reduce odour and bacterial spread.

“It’s understandable that many workers could think that by wearing their outer protective clothing, they are fully protected against the dangers of an arc flash, but in reality all garments need to be arc flash resistant, even down to the socks, otherwise the wearer is still at risk of serious injury,” commented Mark Lant, Technical Sales Manager at ProGARM.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and industry innovation, we’ve identified these key areas that pose a risk to workers and have been developing a comprehensive range of base layers, including tops, leggings, underwear and socks, which offers the wearer the ultimate level of protection without obstructing day to day tasks.”

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