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Smart Textiles

Asiatic Fiber Corporation introduces new iQmax brand of smart textiles

With this smart textile innovation, the company aims to step into the world of wearable technology.

1st July 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Taiwan

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear, Medical/Hygiene

A smart textile module creator

A leading Taiwan based specialist in innovative textiles, Asiatic Fiber Corporation, is introducing a new iQmax brand of smart textiles, which aims to combine fibre with electronics to offer a functional innovative product for use in apparel for a variety of markets.

With this smart textile innovation, the company aims to step into the world of wearable technology, such as pressure, temperature, and touch sensing textile elements that can help make its garments more interactive and responsive.

The company’s cutting edge technology has already been applied to outdoor apparel such as jackets, gloves and neck warmers, and Indoor apparel including heated supporters and socks. 

LED yarn Module

Constructed for high visibility, the iQmax product line was developed with a Lighting Module and it features an LED Yarn, a DC jack, and a 2 in 1 Power battery and Controller. The product line offers a textile for bendable, soft, lightweight, waterproof and washable clothing that is also designed to endure folding over time.

The new line aims to integrate safety, cloth processing and comfort due to its innovative technology, which allows the product to adjust for safety and be visible under various conditions. According to the manufacturer, it can be seen at night from up to a 100m distance.


LED hooded jacket. © Asiatic Fiber Corporation

The Luminous Series feature a range of garments and accessories with a highly visible, washable and bendable LED yarn, including an LED Jacket made from 100% Polyamide, available in fluorescent yellow, with blue or white LED colour options; and an LED Reflective Safety Vest, made from 100% Polyester and available in fluorescent yellow with grey, with white LED elements. The LED Module is also used in gloves, backpacks, shoelaces, decorations, shaping cord, and products for pets, including a dog rain coat, a dog collar and a dog leash with LED elements.

Heated textiles Module

Another iQmax category features a range of options featuring a Heating module, which is equipped with its unique heating element, textile cable, battery, controller and charger. It has a status display and multiple temperature settings. The high tech composite fibres are created for efficient conductivity and transmission of heat. This innovation is designed to enhance the textile’s durability. The soft heating element also aims to add towards the garment’s requirement of comfortability. Within 10 seconds after the power is turned on, the temperature increases and heat is generated.

Heated gloves with a battery. © Asiatic Fiber Corporation

The innovative high tech composite fibres technology aims to replace PCB material to improve the heating elements, safety and integrity, according to the company. Some products incorporating the Heating Module include the Heated Vest, with heated zones located at the back of the neck, on the chest and on the back, with a battery socket located on the left side of the garment.

Heated vest. © Asiatic Fiber Corporation

Available in black, red and blue, the vest consists of four layers for efficient heat management, including outer layer, second layer, AFC heated pad and a base layer. Other products include gloves, neck warmers, scarfs, socks, footwear, travel pillow and blankets. All heated products are FCC and CE certified.

Wearable technology

The iQmax combines function, innovation and safety through its e-textiles modules, which include textile cable, elastic textile cable, textile connector, textile sensor, conductive pad and more.

The flat, smooth and lightweight textile cable is designed to guarantee stable and effective data and power transition. It features 98 stranded copper with PU insulation, which allows the cable to be washed and dried.

Heated element module. © Asiatic Fiber Corporation

The highly conductive pad with a high surface resistivity of < 5 ohm/sq is composed of polyester and conductive yarn, compatible with e-textiles and is available in black colour. Finally, the textile connector is washable, stretchable and is easy to apply to the garment, according to the manufacturer.


The iQmax intelligent textile module is based on the conductor and connector concept. The design is to make it easy to integrate electronic device technology with textile materials. The iQmax module is designed to be built-in to smart garments, such as clothes, pants, socks and gloves.

According to the company, the innovative smart textile is best suitable for being used as a sensor device for intelligent life, in a measuring equipment for health management, as well as a record instrument for home care.

LED hooded jacket. © Asiatic Fiber Corporation

By integrating iQmax electronic cutting-edge technology and fibre, the company offers a brand new perspective on its textile products. The manufacturer uses a full range of textile modules to make smart garment function easier, under its moto Better Care makes for a Better Life.

About Asiatic Fiber Corporation

A Taiwan based Asiatic Fiber Corporation was founded in 1973 and has over the past four decades emerged as a global market player and a leading pioneer in the field of cleanroom and antistatic products in Asia. Today, the company exports its products to 62 countries worldwide. With branches in various countries throughout the world, the company is a major supplier to Europe, the US and Asia.

With two offices in Taiwan and a supply chain facility in Kunshan, China, the company uses specialized and high-function fibre materials for a wide range of products, including cleanroom textiles, surgical barrier clothing and healthcare goods, as well as outdoor and leisure items.

LED yarn. © Asiatic Fiber Corporation

The Corporation’s major product lines include: AFC Clean products that are applied in the manufacturing environments or cleanrooms; AFC Safety high-tech fibre products for the ESD prevention during the manufacturing process; AFC Medical & Healthy products for surgical barrier and healthcare applications; and AFC Outdoor products, offering functional non-weaving fabrics, knitting fabrics, weaving fabrics, staple fibre and filament yarn for sportswear and outdoor apparel.

Further information

Download the Luminous Series catalogue

Download the Warm Care Series catalogue

Watch the iQmax video


Asiatic Fiber Corporation, 11F., No.166, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886-2-27082136, Fax: +886-2-27082139

E-mail: [email protected]

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