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20th June 2019, Wielsbeke

Beaulieu Engineered Products announces new pilot line

More capacity on horizon to boost cost-efficient, strong geotextiles. © Beaulieu International Group

More capacity on horizon to boost cost-efficient, strong geotextiles. © Beaulieu International Group

Beaulieu Engineered Products, a leading raw materials provider, will announce a new, fully operational pilot line supporting R&D projects for industrial and hygiene applications at the ITMA trade show that opens its doors today in Barcelona.

The new line will also support the development of innovative fibres for new markets and applications. Beaulieu Fibres International’s (BFI) pilot line answers increasing customer demand for co-developments. It is extremely flexible and can replicate any type of staple fibre spinning technology, using different type of polymers and additives, and different type of cross sections, according to the manufacturer.

“Textiles have expanded well beyond apparel. At ITMA 2019, we look forward to sharing pioneering solutions and practical co-development support to enable diverse industries to take a more innovative and sustainable direction in their future applications,” commented Karena Cancilleri, Engineered Products, Beaulieu International Group.

Boosting strong geotextiles

New high tenacity staple fibres capacity will be available from the end of 2019 at BFI’s Italian plant. BFI’s high tenacity fibres HT8 are said to offer unique high tensile strength without compromising on elongation. The fibres provide opportunities to reduce geotextile system cost by maximising machine efficiency and ensure desired performance at reduced weight – up to 15% compared with standard geotextile fibres.

Hygiene products

New PET-core BICO staple fibres bring loft to hygiene products: the fibres are available in a dtex range from 1,3-6,7dtex/40mm in both polymer-configurations PP/PET (Polypropylene / Polyethylene terephthalate) and PE/PET (Polyethylene /Polyethylene terephthalate), the company reprots.

The specific use of PET in the core is said to improve the resilience/loft of the nonwoven. The use of PE in the sheath provides softness as required in top sheets, for example, while the configuration with PP in the sheath answers the requirements for ultrasonic bonding. Fibres come in an antimony (Sb)-free version, as required by the latest hygiene safety regulations.

100% recyclable needlepunched fabrics

BFI’s new and unique polyolefin staple fibre UltraBond eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to consolidate nonwovens, contributing to a fully recyclable system. The award-winning innovation opens up a new path to create 100% PP needlepunched fabrics, which meet the same performance requirements, while reducing the end-of-life environmental impact. CO₂ emissions are reduced by 35% over the full production process during fabrics’ production, the company reports.

Renewable natural resources for carpets

Following their pioneering introduction in mid-2018, Beaulieu Yarns is seeing interest increase in 2019 in its drop-in alternative for carpet manufacturers. EqoBalance yarns support the global goal of strong, immediate CO₂ emission reduction, allowing a reduction of up to 75% of CO₂ eq/kg compared to Beaulieu Yarns’ fossil-based products.

These Green Product Award winning yarns are designed to deliver the same quality and performance as the fossil-based equivalents and enable carpet manufacturers to contribute to a sustainable future through less use of fossil resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Beaulieu Yarns’ EqoBalance is the very first yarn certified by TÜV Süd as meeting the new REDcert standard on the “use of sustainable biomass for material purposes in the chemical industry”.


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