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Benefits of upgrade kits from Mayer & Cie

Company estimates that up to 50% of its supplied circular knitting machines still operating.

3rd May 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Albstadt, Germany


Mayer & Cie, based in Albstadt, Germany, is launching tailor-made upgrade packages to provide its customers with the opportunity to improve the performance of the company’s existing circular machines and extend their service life.

In addition, tailor-made spare parts packages will ensure machine availability and a degree of independence from possible failures in the supply chain and rising transportation costs.

The company estimates that up to 50% of all the circular knitting machines it has ever made are still around in the market somewhere.

“In our development department, we are constantly working on improving existing machines and their components, and we would not want to withhold this progress from our existing customers,” says Frank Stuhrmann, the company’s head of spare parts.

Compared to a new machine, upgrade kits are a low-cost investment delivering clearly defined benefits. An improved yarn guide, for example, ensures a significant increase in the plating reliability and output of a machine

Most of the upgrade kits are machine-specific – the yarn guide ensures a boost in productivity for the Relanit 3.2 II and Relanit 3.2 S machines. For S4 machines, an optimised blowing device prevents fluff generation and improves fabric quality. It also reduces the downtimes required for cleaning. Upgrade kits suitable for most Mayer & Cie machines are an edge trimmer, to open a fabric hose before the fabric’s rolling-up, and a laying facility for high-quality hose fabric.

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