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Bill Smith

  • 14th November 2013

    Look under the counter – dig deep to find gold

    Doing trade shows and finding the next big is easy right? Not according to Bill Smith it’s not... How do you do a trade show? Usually, one walks the aisle the first day, looking briefly at each booth and moves on if they don’t see at once anything new or

  • 19th September 2013

    Meeting the Challenge - by Bill Smith

    “Everything that can be invented has been invented” is a comment often attributed to Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899. He never said any such thing, of course but some did express similar ideas over the years… As it turned out, ev

  • 12th July 2013

    Innovation and commercialism

    In my years in the technical textiles industry, I have seen many new ideas and products, many innovative and creative, get substantial coverage in the press as “pathways to the future”, never to reach commercial status. Many of the high performance fibers

  • 11th April 2013

    New Bill Smith column on Innovation in Textiles

    As Innovation in Textiles continues to grow (we are now read in 195 countries), we have introduced a number of new correspondents who write regular columns and articles on a variety of subjects from different parts of the world. The aim is to give you the read

  • 11th April 2013

    Innovation - the path forward

    Perspectives by Bill Smith - a new regular column for Innovation in Textiles. When I began my consulting practice in 1986, I discovered a book called “Innovation – The Attackers Advantage” (Summit Books) by Richard Foster, then a Director of the major c

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