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Binder-free surface veil from Ilium

Having gained approvals from major boat builders globally, the product is being used as the first protective layer in marine hulls and hard tops.

20th April 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Bahrain


Ilium Composites, the Bahrain-based manufacturer of fibreglass structural composite reinforcements, is launching its latest chopped strand mat (CSM) as part of its ULTImat range of reinforcements at JEC World in Paris from 3rd-5th May, in Hall 5, at stand M79.

The CSM incorporates a lightweight integrated polyester surface veil and is assembled using proprietary technology, without the need for stitching or a chemical binder. It is now available in a variety of weights from 225-600gsm and offered in rolls of 1,270mm, with non-standard widths available.

The CSM is said to provide multiple benefits over competing products and is designed for applications that previously required numerous processes and higher costs. It is based on 100mm chopped fibre as opposed to the 50mm alternatives from most competitors, resulting in quicker production and improved laminate quality.

Without a chemical binder, the user can apply the CSM without waiting to introduce it to deeper geometries of mould cavities, due to its integral cold-formable behaviour. A single ULTImat CSM version is compatible with a range of matrices, such as polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, polyurethane and more. This means it can be used as the first protective layer in marine hulls and hard tops, having gained approvals from major boat builders globally.

The improvement of lamination quality has been demonstrated in swimming pool production to greatly resist blistering and osmosis – blister tests up to 26 weeks showed a strong resistance at 55°C. With the addition of the integrated surface veil, glass fibres are held in place during laminating, resulting in a consistent thickness with no risk of thin, weak patches in corners or over-worked areas.

The option to eliminate styrene also reduces the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

“Our premium CSM offers unprecedented protection against osmosis and chemical erosion for maritime and other relevant constructions, while delivering smooth surface finishes at a lower cost,” said Colin Leatham-Locke, business development manager at Ilium Composites.

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