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Biocrystal Technologies taps into textiles market

BC Tech has established a company in India to further develop and research the product for its implementation into the fibre.

28th December 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Rijeka

Medical/Hygiene, Clothing/​Footwear

After introducing the Biocrystal innovative technology into various markets, including different types of foam for furniture, bedding, automotive, aircraft and others, BC Tech, an inventor of the technology, has established a company in India to further develop and research the product for its implementation into the fibre.

The leading bedding specialist, based in Rijeka, Croatia, hired experienced consultants and textiles industry experts to drive this innovation. “Innovative fibre with Biocrystal is being developed by the most reputable Indian experts, with expertise in nano-material technology and textiles manufacturing and quality system – Dr Thunuguntla Jai Mangal Sinha and Mr Swadesh Verma,” the company explains.

Entering textiles market

“Implementing Biocrystal into fibre will further bring to the development of yarn with an active impact, relying on tested and proven efficiency for an end-user. Regardless of the particle size, the efficiency of Biocrystal mixture is retained, therefore, the innovated yarn, used in the textiles production will provide an experience of improved energy flow through the body, reduced consequences of fatigue and stress and improved overall body condition.”

Besides fibre and yarn, Biocrystal innovation will be available in a shape of microcapsules adhesion to a fabric, as well as through textile printing process. “To be successfully implemented into the fibre, Biocrystal particles are grinded to the size smaller than one micron, which is a process that requires both manpower expertise, as well as machinery development investments,” the company reports.

“Considering the immense potential of the global textile market and India’s market as one of the world’s leading, Biocrystal fibre will, indubitably, soon become the most wanted textile industry innovation and repeat the successful practice from numerous industries.”

Biocrystal mixture

Biocrystal is a powder formed mixture that contains sixteen crystals chosen according to the positive effects they produce when in contact with any organism, further improved with gold and silver threads. Products incorporating Biocrystal technology are said to help improve energy balance, proper cell function and also provide quality rest and energy renewal.

The smart technology is said to allow achieving the highest efficiency through a specifically determined procedure. This special procedure includes the precisely defined selection of the type of crystals, quantity and mutual ratio and balance of crystals, their grinding and mixing, and finally – addition of gold and silver for special purposes.

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