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Bringing infrared wellness to more fabrics

Versatile and cost-effective coating from Hologenix.

28th November 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Los Angeles


Hologenix is expanding the availability of its Celliant Print for licensed brand partners.

Unlike other Celliant products which are directly infused into fibre and yarns, Celliant Print is supplied in powder form and can be applied directly to fabrics as a topical coating.

Celliant captures and converts body heat into infrared energy, giving virtually any textile-based item the ability to deliver wellness benefits such as increased local circulation and cellular oxygenation, assisted thermoregulation, enhanced performance, faster recovery and better sleep

Beyond the health and wellness benefits, Celliant Print offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for brands looking to incorporate infrared fabric technology into their product lines.

It also allows for a higher load of Celliant minerals to be added to a fabric’s surface and their visibility enables brands to create interesting or useful designs in the form of, for example, logos or geometric shapes, providing an additional storytelling opportunity.

Celliant Print is already employed in Under Armour’s line of UA Rush men and women’s athletic apparel, while KT Tape now uses it in its recently launched Pro Oxygen kinesiology tapes. The Pro Oxygen tapes are based on ultra-breathable synthetic fabrics and high-strength, water-resistant adhesives, with Celliant IR-emitting mineral powders printed directly onto their surfaces.

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