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2nd International Composites Congress calls for presentations

Presentations should provide information about innovations in the area of fibre reinforced plastics/composites.

3rd February 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Düsseldorf

Industrial, Transport/​Aerospace, Construction, Sustainable, Civil Engineering

Presentations should provide information about innovations in the area of fibre reinforced plastics/composites and should be submitted to the Composites Germany office by no later than 22 April 2016.

This new Composites Germany Congress takes place the second time and is again the prelude to the European trade fair Composites Europe, which is scheduled to take place from 29 November-1 December 2016.

Presentations topics

Focussing on composites, with a key theme On the Path to became a Key Industry?, international experts will this year discuss current topics which could be further enhanced during the subsequent tour of the Composites Europe trade fair.

  • Raw Material / Semi-finishes products
  • Cooperations (industry-research, industry-industry)
  • Market transparency / Data
  • Outstandingly qualified employees (training, professional development)
  • Responsible care (sustainability, recycling)
  • Standardisation

Composites Germany

With the trade association Composites Germany, the four strong organizations in the German fibre composite industry aim to strengthen the German composite industry, particularly in the field of research, determine common positions and take overlapping interests into account.

AVK- Federation of Reinforced Plastics e.V., Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV), CFK Valley Stade e.V. (CFK-Valley) and Forum Composite Technology in the VDMA (VDMA) are joining their expertise to promote the future oriented themes, such as high performance composites and automated production technology, which are particularly relevant in Germany.

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