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French machinery makers to seek partners at Techtextil Frankfurt

According to UCMTF, French machinery manufacturers need partners to combine their expertise in finding solutions for critical projects.

23rd February 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Courbevoie

Industrial, Packaging, Medical/Hygiene, Construction, Civil Engineering, Transport/​Aerospace

They will showcase machines or part of machines, bringing in the experts their customers need to find and implement new solutions.

“We have the knowledge and international organization to support our customers, to bring them the expertise they need to strengthen their businesses, increase their own sales with good added value and look forward with optimism. The quality of our client relationships stems also from the high stability of our teams, allowing them to go well beyond the purely technical,” commented Evelyne CHOLET, the Secretary General, UCMTF.

Changing environment

Technical textiles manufacturers face an array of challenges, according to the association. These include opening new markets, design of new products, reliable and cost effective production, and more.

To navigate in a fast changing environment, French machinery manufacturers need partners such as providers of innovative industrial solutions and cutting-edge technologies, to combine their expertise in finding solutions for critical projects, whatever their scope, or geographic localization.

“We are part of the technical textiles community, we are committed to our customers for the long term, we are dedicated to understand and even anticipate their needs therefore the core of our business is not to sell off-the-shelves machines but to find new effective solutions for our customers, to offer them market-driven innovations,” commented Bruno Ameline, their association’s President.

On offer

NSC Fibre to Yarn will promote spinning lines for processing long staple fibres for technical applications. Leader in textile waste recycling lines, Laroche will show a full range of products made from its latest technologies. The company will also focus on its low cost process for the decortication of bast fibres, as well as on a tailor made post-consumer clothing recycling process for technical applications.

Stäubli will showcase two machines and a selection of technical fabrics that have been produced in conjunction with the company’s products, such as dobbies, Jacquard machines, warp drawing-in or tying equipment. Spoolex presents Calemard slitting-rewinding project, as well as its Decoup+ brand, the specialist of continuous ultrasonic cutting and sealing.

Dollfus & Muller will present technical woven fabrics, such as exclusive dryer belts for textile dryers and non-woven dryers, as well as other specialized woven fabrics, such as fluidization fabrics for the transport of powders (alumina, cement, plaster) and fruit filters.

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