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Loepfe’s management committed to greener future

The management of Loepfe Brothers decided to increase the efforts of the company in relation to environmental sustainability.

27th June 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wetzikon

Industrial, Civil Engineering

The management of Loepfe Brothers, a leading manufacturer of sensors and monitoring equipment for yarn spinning and fabric weaving processes, decided to increase the efforts of the company in relation to environmental sustainability.

“We commit ourselves to save resources, to increase energy efficiency of our processes and products, and to reduce the environmental impact in general,” commented Silvano Auciello, Head of Sales and Marketing.

From left to right: Daniel Link, CEO, Loepfe; Segundo Crespo, Quality Manager, Loepfe; Th. Zach, Auditor, SGS; Silvano Auciello, Head of Sales and Marketing, Loepfe. © Loepfe Brothers

The company already started several activities towards a greener future. A contract has been signed with the utility provider, guaranteeing that electrical energy will be supplied only from renewable sources. The wave soldering process in the production of circuit boards will be eliminated step-by-step.

As a result, the energy consumption and the amount of tin-solder needed will be reduced significantly, the company reports. The use of isopropanol in electronics manufacturing will be reduced as well. Packaging of Loepfe´s product will not be of foamed polystyrene in the future. The non-biodegradable material will be replaced by cardboard or reusable packaging.

Also, small measures are currently implemented in Loepfe´s headquarters in Wetzikon. For example, waste is not only consequently separated, but also picked up by a certified disposer to minimize the environmental load.

As a result of all measures the carbon footprint of Loepfe´s products and of the company as a whole will be much lower in the future, according to the manufacturer. “We are confident, that we are on the right way to a much greener future of our company,” said Silvano Auciello.

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