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8th September 2017, Amstelveen

Rotor blade analysis with VABS

VABS is a beam model which can achieve 3D FEA fidelity with the efficiency of simple beam element. © EJ-Projects/AnalySwift EJ-Projects has licensed the VABS modelling software developed by Salt Lake City, Utah-based AnalySwift for use in simulating composite rotor blades.

Based in the Netherlands, EJ-Projects is an engineering consultancy specialising in modelling and simulation, loads, aeroelasticity and structural engineering. The company’s primary focus is in aerospace, turbo-machinery and wind power technologies, and it will employ VABS for composite rotor blade analysis projects, including an off-shore wind turbine project.

“We have had a relationship with EJ-Projects for some time and have been impressed with the work they have done, particularly in composite rotor blade analysis,” said Allan Wood, president and CEO of AnalySwift.

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