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Stoll to exhibit weft insertion flat knitting machine at Techtextil

The company will also demonstrate samples produced for various applications, including medical soft goods, sports items, wire fabrics, and composite implementations.

22nd April 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Reutlingen

Industrial, Transport/​Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Construction, Protective, Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

Stoll, a leading German flat knitting machine manufacturer, will present its brand new Stoll ADF 32 W multi gauge E 7.2 machine with its integrated presser inlay system for weft reinforced fabrics at the upcoming Techtextil trade fair that takes place from 4-7 May in Frankfurt.

The company will also demonstrate samples produced for various applications, including medical soft goods, sports items, wire fabrics, composites, upholstery fabrics and protective apparel.

Stoll machines

The brand new Stoll CMS ADF 32 W multi gauge E 7.2 machine for weft reinforced fabrics is said to allow woven like fabric appearances and reinforcements without restricting the versatility of the Stoll ADF machine generation.

Stoll CMS machines run in production centres for medical devices, such as soft goods, as well as for special upholstery solutions and sport goods. They are also used for the production of wire and conductive knits, as well as for textile substrates in composite products.

Stoll’s ADF technology was first unveiled in prototype format at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 in Shanghai and was officially launched in 2013. Knitting Industry covered the launch in the following and article - Stoll’s ADF technology: A new dimension in flat knitting?

The ADF designation is derived from the name Autarkic Direct Feed, with the word autarkic coming from the German autark, meaning independent or self-sufficient – referring to the individually controlled yarn feeders.

ADF is radically different to Stoll’s other machine range where feeders are moved in and out of the knitting area by the cam box or carriage and where the yarn path to the needles runs from the yarn packages at the rear of the machine via the top mounted yarn control units and side mounted friction feed wheels at either or both sides of the machine.

In the case of the ADF machine the yarn path is simplified by being fed directly from the top mounted yarn control units to the needles between the open or split carriage – there is no prohibitive bow connecting the front and rear cam boxes.

Direct feed is said to not only lower yarn tension but also equalise yarn tension as the carriage moves back and forwards leading to better quality fabrics.

The ADF’s yarn feeders are completely independent of the carriage movement and are controlled independently by motors.

Expertise in flat knitting

Established in 1873 Stoll is a leading international manufacturer of flat knitting machines based in Reutlingen, Germany. Flat knitting machines and patterning software are the focus of the company and in addition to traditional knitting, Stoll machines also enable the production of fabrics for modern, technical and medical applications.

Stoll delivers machines to over 70 countries and offers a complete customer service solution with affiliated companies, sales and marketing centres along with many subsidiaries.

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