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3rd May 2018, Stony Brook, NY

ADNAS to provide CertainT services to WestPoint Home

The deal will verify recycled PET and PET for WestPoint Home’s hospitality bed and bath textiles.Applied DNA Sciences has signed a multi-year license agreement with WestPoint Home, a premier US textiles manufacturing company, to provide CertainT platform services for its hospitality bedding and textile goods.

Under the terms of the agreement, WestPoint Home has been granted the exclusive right to use Applied DNA’s CertainT platform for its collection of blended duvets, towels, sheets, pillow cases, bed skirts, shams, and decorative pillow products sold for hospitality in Canada, Mexico and the US. The company will use Applied DNA’s CertainT platform from start to finish – assuring that any of its hospitality textile products using PET and recycled rPET contain the original source raw materials.

“Our partnership with Applied DNA adds to our already extensive assortment of environmentally sustainable products and processes”, commented Normand Savaria, President and CEO of WestPoint Home. “As leaders in supply chain transparency and accuracy we are excited to be adding the CertainT platform and technology to our product offerings”.

As part of the platform, Applied DNA’s molecular tags are embedded into the source materials that create polyester (PET) and recycled polyester (rPET) fibre – with no impact on fibre’s performance or quality. CertainT-tagged textiles can be forensically authenticated by detecting this molecular tag in both PET and rPET fibre – ensuring its authenticity and origin.

“The CertainT platform helps WestPoint Home produce innovative products utilizing an efficient and trusted traceability system with a fair return,” said Dr James Hayward, president and CEO of Applied DNA. “Differentiating their brand throughout the hospitality industry through use of our CertainT trademark will confirm to the wide variety of clientele within this special market that the products comply with our supply chain platform and are verifiably made from recycled fibres.”


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