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Easy washdown and direct fixation for Somelos

New combined process for water savings of up to 97%.

26th June 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Portugal

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

Archroma has partnered with Somelos, a vertically integrated textile group based in Portugal, to advance sustainable cotton processing with a new water-saving dyeing and finishing process that generates no wastewater.

Conventional cotton dyeing and finishing requires substantial water and chemical inputs and produces a large volume of wastewater.

Long-lasting wash-down effects that are popular on denim in particular, traditionally require two water-intensive processes – the first to get the colour intensity and the second to achieve the washed-down contrast.

Relying on such resource-intensive processes is of particular concern in nations affected by drought and water scarcity like Portugal.

To address this challenge, Archroma and Somelos have now developed the new Dry Dyeing/Ox finishing process for the production of bottoms and shirting in cotton fabrics. Based on Archroma’s Pad-Ox dyeing process, which combines oxidation and fixation in one step and the latest technologies for washdown effects including ozone and laser treatments, it delivers water savings of up to 97% compared to conventional cotton dyeing and finishing.

The new Dry Dyeing/Ox finishing process only uses water to prepare the dye and oxidation baths. Archroma Diresul RDT liquid pre-reduced sulphur dyes ensure easy washdown and direct fixation – with no need for pre-washing – delivering shorter processing times, cleaner production and high wash-fastness.

“At Somelos, we have invested heavily over the years to achieve eco-friendly production and a zero-carbon footprint, installing our own solar energy park for clean energy and treating and re-using our wastewater,” said the company’s R&D manager Sofia Vale. “We are delighted to be working with Archroma as we prioritise water savings with our new cotton dyeing and finishing process.”

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