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Bemis Associates debuts generation of liners at Techtextil

Bemis launches the next generation of liners for reversible and unlined totes that is said to be 6-8% lighter than what is currently on the market.

11th May 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Boston, MA/Frankfurt

Clothing/​Footwear, Sports/​Outdoor

Booth displays range from versatile technical applications to cooperative technology and integrated garments from leading partners including Google, Athos, Kate Spade, Huawei and Amazon.

“With more than 107 years in the business of Sewfree bonding technology, our goal is to continually ask ourselves what we can be doing now to push the limits. How can we keep designing, constructing, and creating cool stuff? We value our partnerships as the key – striving to harness the combination of imagination and strategic collaboration,” said Lacey Johnson, Global Brand Manager.


Debuting at Techtextil, Bemis has launched the next generation of liners for reversible and unlined totes that is said to be 6-8% lighter than what is currently on the market. Using LuxeLiner, designers can choose the design, colour and finish to create more durable and customisable handbags – without sacrificing quality or real leather hand-feel, the manufacturer repots. Soft and sturdy, the product is also said to allow designers to cut, bond, and go, eliminating the need for outsourced production.


Debuted at Winter Outdoor Retailer and ISPO, Nylock has changed the game for the outdoor industry by providing designers with an unprecedented bonding solution for tightly woven, lightweight fabrics and smooth finishes, according to the company. For both construction and aesthetics, it is a robust offering for nylon bonding.

Innovative application

One example of the innovative application made possible with Bemis technology is the infusion of connectivity into garments and other consumer electronics. Keeping the most important components dry, Bemis’ Sewfree technology has been developed to allow for the communication of the body's movements through sleekly encapsulated garment fibres. Bemis’ technology adheres to materials such as metals and coated plastics for use in countless other consumer goods.

“We pride ourselves as being problem solvers for our partners,” said Roi Ben-Itzhak, Global Director of Business Development.

“At Bemis, we partner with the world's great technical, performance, luxury and lifestyle brands to design, create and construct cool stuff,” the company reports. “Collaborating closely with designers and developers, we devise solutions to help make their products higher performance, lower profile and better fitting. For over a hundred years we have spanned the globe to work with clients seeking ways to go beyond the limits, to engineer imagination. We make your ideas happen.”

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