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Europlasma presents new 3D plasma coating technology for textiles at ITMA 2015

Installing Europlasma technology is said to be putting social responsibility into practice, making a step towards carbon neutral performance.

13th November 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Oudenaarde

Protective, Clothing/​Footwear

Belgium based Europlasma, a leader in providing low pressure plasma technology, presents the company’s new line of 3D plasma coating machines the ITMA 2015 exhibition that started in Milan this week.

Through its coating platform, supported by more than 100 patents, Europlasma provides protection and functionality worldwide to renowned high-end customers. Textile garments, footwear, accessories, filtration products and consumer electronics use the Europlasma invisible 3D plasma coatings.

Europlasma’s coating platform creates several high-tech effects by a durable and three-dimensional functionalization of complex shaped materials and products.

DWR and oil repellent coatings

One successful group of Europlasma coatings are the durable water (DWR) and oil repellent coatings which are marketed under the brand name Nanofics 110 and Nanofics 120. These coatings are widely used in outdoor, workwear, or air filtration products. The Nanofics 10 family of coatings does the complete opposite: it makes materials permanent hydrophilic. It is increasingly adopted by the medical industry, for instance on blood filters, the company reports.

For DWR coating of sporting goods Europlasma has developed several PFOA-, PFOS- and PFC- free varieties, which are marketed under the PlasmaGuard name. For each product or application there is a tailor made solution giving optimum cost-performance.

“We see great interest from different industries to use Nanofics instead of wet chemical processing for functionalization of technical textiles. Customers not only use Nanofics to increase the performance of their materials and products, at the same time they want to radically reduce their environmental footprint by using dry and clean plasma technology,” commented Peter Martens, Europlasma’s Sales & Product Manager.

Sustainable performance

“Installing Europlasma technology is putting social responsibility into practice and a significant step towards carbon neutral performance,” said Wim Huijsman, Europlasma’s Sales Manager and environmental specialist.

“From several case studies in sporting goods we have found that our customers, by using only 1 kg of PlasmaGuard DWR chemical, they can save the world from 5 kg of traditional wet chemicals, more than 115 kg of waste water, and almost 80 kg of CO2 emission. PlasmaGuard DWR also eliminates the use of crosslinking agents, chlorides, formaldehyde, and other toxic products.”


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