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Technical Absorbents
Technical Absorbents

4th September 2018, New York, NY

Nanobionic technology in first McLaren Senna in US

Nanobionic now offers its coating technology in sports cars, more specifically, in one of the most exclusive models in the world. In July, the first McLaren Senna in the United States debuted at the Bloomberg building in Manhattan, NY. McLaren’s exclusive Senna model is 1 of 500 models manufactured for special clients.

Nanobionic Technology is a coating that is applied to athletic apparel, bedding products, everyday apparel, as well as footwear and military apparel. When Nanobionic technology comes in close contact with the human body, it is said to stimulate local blood flow, increase strength and endurance, thermo-regulate body temperature, boost energy, reduce free radicals and speed up the recovery process, according to the manufacturer.

Michael Fux presented the first McLaren Senna model to arrive in the USA at the Bloomberg Building in New York. © Nanobionic

The first McLaren Senna in the US also has Nanobionic technology applied on the seats. Nanobionic seats offer the benefits of: stimulating local blood flow, increasing energy, comfort and overall wellness of being to the demanding driver and passenger, according to the manufacturer.

The owner of the first McLaren Senna model to come to the United States, and to include Nanobionic Technology on the seats, Michael Fux, is one of the most influential car collectors in the world and generous philanthropist. “I am very happy to have the first McLaren in the world with Nanobionic technology on the seats,” he said.

“This is an exciting time for Nanobionic technology. We are experiencing tremendous demand for Nanobionic Technology from many different industries and we will soon announce very important partnerships in many different industries that will offer great benefits to the consumers,” commented George Psipsikas, founder and CEO of Nanobionic.


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