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10th March 2017, Burgdorf

Sanitized to exhibit its material protection solutions at Techtextil 2017

Sanitized AG, a leading Swiss specialist in antimicrobial hygiene functions and material protection for textiles and plastics, will present its innovative material protection solutions for permanently preventing mold and mildew, algae, pink stain and bacteria, at Techtextil, in Frankfurt, this May.

“Items such as awnings, tarpaulins and architectural textiles may be colonised and destroyed by microorganisms, such as mold and mildew,” the company explains. “The manufacturer must ensure the functionality and aesthetics of the products as long as possible even when they are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as UV radiation or moisture, and subject to manual stresses.”

Prevention of destructive microorganisms

Sanitized AG helps companies in maintaining the maximum functionality and aesthetics of technical textiles, through the prevention or significant slow down of the destructive microorganisms, by designing individual solutions for the application in textiles and their coatings.

Technical Textiles Outdoor with integrated Sanitized hygiene function. © SANITIZED AG

These microbes include bacteria, mold and mildew, pink stain, as well as algae. They, or their metabolic products, have a significant impact on the functionality and aesthetics of technical textiles. The material fatigue and the visual deterioration caused by staining can be specifically reduced, according to the manufacturer. The company offers easy-to-use products in a variety of delivery forms for different applications.

Innovative technologies

Innovative technologies with extensive benefits for material protection will be presented at the Sanitized booth at Techtextil. According to the manufacturer, products treated with the Sanitized hygiene function have a longer service life, which in turn contributes to the sustainable use of resources.

Artificial Leather with integrated Sanitized hygiene function. © Sanitized AG

The technology benefits listed by the manufacturer include:

  • The plasticizer maintains the elasticity and flexibility of the product;
  • Water-resistant membranes remain waterproof;
  • The material does not crack, break or become brittle as a result of bacteria, fungi or algae infestation;
  • No formation of biofilm - the cause of staining and odors;
  • No discoloration (pink stain).

On 11 May, Sanitized Product Manager, Christine Niklas, will provide first-hand knowledge at the Techtextil Symposium on the subject of Maintaining the functionality of technical textiles with Sanitized.


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