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13th May 2020, Manchester

Stormproofings rebrands as Dunlop Coated Textiles

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Manchester, UK based Stormproofings Ltd has announced that from May 2020 its new trading names will be Dunlop Coated Textiles & Dunlop Coated Textiles TPU Division.

The new trading name will finalise the consolidation of the Coating Applications and Stormproofings operations and the Dunlop Greengate division under new trading names.

Stormproofings and Coating Applications will now take on the trading style of Dunlop Coated Textiles and Dunlop Greengate will be Dunlop Coated Textiles TPU Division, all contacts remain the same.  Stormproofings Ltd.’s Company Registration Number, VAT Number, Registered Office Address and bank account details will remain unchanged).

The new business will continue to offer a full range of coated fabrics, commission coating and TPU materials and will also offer the platform for new developments and opportunities.

“In the next couple of months our new website www.dunlopct.com will be launched and this will be followed closely by the introduction of a new fabric range to further enhance the current portfolio of the business,” General Manager, Nick Matthew said in a press statement.

“Our email addresses will be standardised throughout the company and these will go live from Monday 11th May. The existing emails will automatically be re-directed.”

“Order acknowledgments, despatch notes, invoices and statements will be changed over immediately, and we would appreciate you updating your records accordingly. All current terms and conditions remain the same as do your existing points of contact.”


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