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5th April 2018, Chonburi

Cobra launches new composite Windsurfer LT

The Windsurfer LT began life as an internal development project at Cobra in late 2016. © Cobra Cobra International, a leading manufacturer of premium windsurf, SUP, kite and surf boards, and a supplier of composites for the automotive, architectural, transportation and luxury accessories markets, has formally launched the mass production of the new Windsurfer LT.

Seeing a downward trend in beginner interest, partly due to the dominance of boards and sails meant for extreme conditions, the Windsurfer LT is an advanced composite windsurf board that aims to take the sport back to its roots and provide a single platform that can be raced, used for teaching or freestyle and even paddled as a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) on no wind days.

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  • Al 9th April 2018 23:41PM

    I just took delivery yesterday of their new Windsurfer LT. A WELL FINISHED PRODUCT - flawless!

    I’m very happy with the design and way the board handles on and off the water. Lightweight for its size and very well balanced.

    Congrats to the guys from Cobra and to Bruce Wylie the designer for making something really special for the industry.

    This board should help get more people back into windsurfing as a versatile board easy for learners and no slouch for the experienced sailor.

    Very happy with the product, regards, Al Haynes, Lake Macquarie, NSW Australia