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Composites recycling chain for North America

Patented recycling system was specifically developed to recover high value fibre reinforcements, as well as resin systems.

27th October 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Golden, CO, USA

Sustainable, Transport/​Aerospace

Aditya Birla Advanced Materials, part of the $48.3 Billion Aditya Birla Groupm is partnereing with Vartega, headquartered in Golden, Colorado, to develop downstream applications for composite products based on Aditya Birla’s patented Recyclamine technology.

The collaboration aims to develop an ecosystem of recycling and recycled epoxy-based thermoset products using Recyclamine.

Every application that uses thermoset composites faces the issue of non-recyclability at the end of its useful life. This can be addressed by Recyclamine technology which enables fully recyclable epoxy thermoset to be produced in a simple and cost-effective way. When Recyclamine products are recovered, both reinforcement and matrix can be reused. As a platform chemistry, it is applicable across all industries as well as manufacturing processes including infusion, compression moulding, hand layup and pultrusion.

 “Recyclamine is a groundbreaking technology in the epoxy composites space which will drive the industry towards a more sustainable future,” said Pradip Kumar Dubey, senior president at Aditya Birla Advanced Materials. “This partnership can provide solutions to a critical piece of the puzzle for us – how to deal with end-of-life and process waste and where to send it to create value.”

Across its broad technology portfolio Vartega recycles various composite materials including wind turbine blade manufacturing scrap, bicycle scrap, and waste carbon fibre. The company’s patented recycling system was specifically developed to recover high value fibre reinforcements as well as resin systems. Vartega will leverage its modular hardware-as-a-service recycling platform to connect a captive supply in the waste stream to an unmet demand for low-cost composite materials downstream, in applications such as sporting goods, additive manufacturing and lightweight automotive applications.

“It’s been exciting to watch the development of Recyclamine over the past several years,” said Andrew Maxey, Vartega CEO. “We knew very early on in working with it that it was special and has the potential to fundamentally change the sustainability of composites. The investments that Aditya Birla has made in this technology are critical and this collaboration will further accelerate those efforts.”

The partnership will serve to build circular supply chains for composite materials in North America.

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