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17th January 2018, Cincinnati, OH

A critical science

Michelman Industrial Manufacturing’s marketing director Steve Bassetti. © MichelmanFibre sizing has an extremely significant impact on the final properties of composite parts. Michelman Industrial Manufacturing’s marketing director Steve Bassetti, Gilles LeMoigne (fibre and composites industry manager) and Nagesh Potluri (group technology director) explain.

Inside Composites: Please can you tell our readers a little bit about Michelman and its activities?

Steve Bassetti: Michelman was founded in 1949 and is well known for its capabilities in the area of emulsification and polymer dispersion technologies. Early successes with polypropylene sizing applications led to its acquisition of Hydrosize Technologies in 2008.

Since adding the Hydrosize brand, Michelman has continued to innovate around our materials and process capabilities. We manufacture a versatile line of fibre sizing and surface treatments that are used by fibre producers and composite manufacturers to produce stronger, lighter and more durable composite parts...

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