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14th August 2018, Ludwigshafen

Three-part sandwich, one thermoplastic, many possibilities

Polyethersulfone Ultrason E: One single polymer for manufacturing sandwich structures quickly and cost effectively. © BASFWith the new polyethersulfone Ultrason E from BASF, manufacturers of interior airplane components can now take a great step forward in making sandwich structures for airplane interiors cost effectively and quickly, according to the manufacturer. The major advantage is that the same thermoplastic Ultrason can be processed into different components of the sandwich structure in a single tool, reducing cycle times and thus also manufacturing costs.

The sandwich consists of a foam core and carbon fibre laminates, which are all made of Ultrason E. If needed, the thermoformed foam core with cover layers can then be overmoulded with the carbon-fibre reinforced Ultrason E 2010 C6 to incorporate reinforcements, structures or additional functional elements into the sandwich. The combination of 30% carbon fibres with the amorphous high-temperature plastic Ultrason is said to guarantee extraordinary and constant mechanical properties for the light foam sandwich over a temperature range of -100 to +200°C.

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