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2nd December 2014

Compression wear and shapewear: skin-tight apparel for enhanced performance and well-being


Report summary

Compression wear and shapewear garments are skin-tight items of clothing which apply pressure to specific parts of the body. Through the application of compression to underlying veins, the speed of blood flow increases and the rate of oxygen delivery to muscles is increased.

Compression wear has long been used in medical applications to prevent circulation problems. It has also become an integral part of the recovery process following surgery, as it can aid skin recovery and minimise bruising.

But over the past two decades, compression wear has become firmly established in active wear and sportswear following claims that compression garments can improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury and accelerate recovery during and after exercise. At the same time, shapewear has become highly popular, as an increasing number of people show an interest in garments which can contour their body shape using compression.

This report analyses the growing market for compression wear and shapewear, and describes the principles and benefits of compression technology. It also describes the key features of compression garments and shapewear, alongside their functions in apparel applications.

In addition, it provides an in depth review of key suppliers of compression garments and their products, as well as an outlook for the future.

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Publisher: Textiles Intelligence

33 pages, published 3rd quarter 2014

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