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4th September 2017, Cranberry Township, PA

Bad Wolf Scuff improves scuff liner durability

Bad Wolf is engineered with a rolled, top-edge, which prevents pallets from snagging and damaging the sidewall. Responding to customer needs for a better recycled scuff liner material, US Liner Company is introducing Bad Wolf Scuff, a product line that claims to establish new parameters in the industry for durability and overall performance.

“Interior protection of dry vans and reefers is a necessity within the trucking industry. The heavy loading and unloading cycles of trailers exposes the lower portion of the walls to damage from forklift trucks, pallets and other material handling methods. Traditionally, the cheapest lower sidewall protection was accomplished using 5/8-inch polyscuff (HDPE – high density polyethylene – otherwise known as ‘milk jug material’),” explained Michael LaRocco, US Liner’s President.

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