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BIG companies at EuroGeo7

Promoting and developing geosynthetics in a fast changing global economy striving for growth while reducing its carbon footprint.

24th August 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wielsbeke, Belgium

Civil Engineering, Construction

Beaulieu International Group (BIG), headquartered in Wielsbeke, Belgium, is sponsoring EuroGeo7, the geosynthetics conference which takes place in Warsaw, Poland from September 4-7, where it will showcase geotextile solutions promoting greater sustainability for future civil engineering projects.

Specialists from both Beaulieu Fibres International (BFI) and Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) will highlight support for high-performance geosynthetics through high tenacity fibres for lightweight, nonwoven geotextiles, and a range of high durability woven geotextile solutions with an environmentally beneficial impact at the conference.

“We are delighted to sponsor EuroGeo7 and to be finally on-site, following a two-year postponement of the event,” says BIG sales director of technical textiles, Jefrem Jennard. “EuroGeo7 is bringing the geotextile community together to further promote and develop geosynthetics in a fast changing global economy striving for growth while reducing its carbon footprint along the supply chain.

“Geotextiles provide highly versatile, durable and natural resource-saving alternatives in large infrastructure works, and offer durable protection in erosion control and waste/water management projects. We are continuously developing our fibres and finished engineering textiles with proven sustainability-enhancing benefits to progress product development and customer sustainability goals on fossil carbon reduction, while taking concrete steps to reduce our own environmental footprint.”

For manufacturers of nonwoven geotextiles, BFI’s high-tenacity HT8 staple fibres enable customers to achieve nonwovens with high mechanical performance at reduced fibre weight. The HT8 high tenacity fibres are designed to enable customers to meet the industry durability standards for a longer service lifetime, supporting more sustainable design and resource reduction over time.

BTT’s woven geotextiles are amongst the most sustainable in the industry and provide a wide range of functions, including separation, filtration, reinforcement and erosion control. They follow the comprehensive European standard EN 15804+A2 and are accompanied by third-party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to communicate the sustainability of each product to customers transparently. BTT’s woven textiles can reduce CO2-emissions in infrastructure projects by a factor of ten compared to more conventional methods such as gravel and help to minimise the use of natural resources.

BFI and BTT have conducted lifecycle assessments to calculate the carbon footprint of their activities and solutions and have received external recognition for ongoing sustainability efforts. In 2022, for example, BFI was awarded a Silver EcoVadis sustainability rating, and BFI and BTT are both recipients of the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2022.

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