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Olbo & Mehler integrates Synteen & Luckenhaus operations for business expansion into new markets

This will allow Olbo & Mehler Tex to explore the market of textiles used in construction, protective, automotive and oil industries.

31st May 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Braga

Construction, Protective, Transport/​Aerospace, Civil Engineering

“We are very excited with this operation. The combination of these two businesses will define new benchmarks in regards to customer experience and increasing our standards in terms of innovation, efficiency and competitiveness,” commented Alberto Tavares.

Operation goals

This operation is expected to open new possibilities for Olbo & Mehler Tex to explore new market segments, namely the market of textiles used in the construction of swimming pools, protective or shading barriers, the automotive industry, the oil industry and the construction industry, among other areas.

One of the main goals of this integration is the matching of know-how and the capabilities to develop customized solutions and innovative products to apply in diversified areas. On the other hand, this operation will allow an elevation of the service level through optimization of the logistic and the storing space, the company reports.

Technical textile production

Syntenn & Lückenhaus is dedicated to the production of technical textiles and has a production unit in the Czech Republic and sales offices in Germany and the United States of America. This operation means the merger of two businesses into one in order to enhance market synergies and increase turnover. The consolidated turnover should be around EUR 60 million, according to the company.

Olbo & Mehler is a leader in technical textile production for the automobile, pharmaceutical, mining, and security and defense industry. The company was founded in Germany in 1930, but in 2014 moved its factory to Vila Nova de Famalicão, in Portugal, where it creates innovative products exclusively for export.

In 2015, Olbo & Mehler won the Inova Textile prize in the category of fabrics, competing with distinction with a textile designed and developed entirely in Portugal. Today the company exports 100% of its production. Europe represents the company’s main market (70%), with Germany being the main destination, representing 25% of the overall turnover, followed by North America (15%), Asia (5%), Australia (5%), South America (3%) and Africa (2%).

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