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Trützschler introduces new concept draw frame without levelling

The Twin-concept is based on independent draw frame modules with common elements.

15th November 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Moenchengladbach

Industrial, Construction, Transport/​Aerospace, Medical/Hygiene

Trützschler, a leading textile machinery manufacturer, specialising in machines, installations and accessories for spinning preparation, nonwovens and man-made fibre industries, has developed TWIN Draw Frame TD 9T, a new concept for draw frames without levelling.

The Twin-concept is based on independent draw frame modules with common elements. It is a twin draw frame that also available as single version. The frame has two deliveries, but is not based on the traditional double head principle. According to the company, the advantage of low space requirement has been maintained, and disadvantages of the double head draw frames and poor efficiency have been eliminated.

The company presented the product for the first time at the ITMA Asia + CITME, which concluded in Shanghai, last month. The Germany-based manufacturer also exhibited a number of other solutions for spinning preparation at the exhibition, including the TC 15 new web doffer with significantly reduced tension drafts.

Efficient production

The new concept aims to eliminate efficiency coupling by means of separate drive technology. Whilst a conventional draw frame with a single efficiency of 85% can actually realise only 72%, the Trützschler TWIN Draw Frame TD 9T, is said to fully maintain the single efficiency. The strict separation of the drives permits a very flexible use. Thus, it is possible to process two different materials or two different sliver counts side by side on one machine without any problem, the company explains.

Conventional double head draw frames have a low level efficiency. If there is a standstill on one side, it stops the production on the other side as well. With the company’s new concept, featuring two independent production sites, the fault-free side continues with regular production.

The similar approach has been adopted with regard to the new can changer, developed to ensure that the full potential of the space-saving Twin-design is maintained. When one of the cans is full, it can be changed without the need to wait until the other can is full as well. The cans are moved by functionally reliable pneumatics.

Developed for new Trützschler can format

Both the TD 9 single version and the TD 9T were designed to accommodate the new 1,200 mm JUMBO CANS, which are said to hold 43% more sliver than the conventional 1,000 mm cans.

The Trützschler breaker Draw Frames TD 9T and TD 9 share a variety of technologically important elements with the reliable Trützschler autoleveller Draw Frame TD 8, including 4 over 3 drafting system with pressure bar; pneumatic load, separately controllable for each top roller; pneumatic threading aid; and self-adjusting lap monitoring.


The Trützschler Group, founded in 1888, has approximately 2700 employees worldwide and is still family-owned.  With nine production sites in Germany, USA, Brazil, India, China, and Switzerland, Trützschler is a market leader in the product areas of spinning, nonwovens, man-made fibres and card clothing.

The company has additional service centres in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Italy and Spain.

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