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Cordura re/cor RN66 enters Material ConneXion

Honour marks Cordura re/cor RN66 expansion into footwear with Tiong Liong Corporation (TLC).

3rd October 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wichita, KS, USA


Marking another milestone in the Cordura re/cor Recycled Nylon 66 (RN66) platform launch, Material ConneXion, a leading material insights company, has accepted the Cordura re/cor RN66 collection that features ten new Cordura re/cor RN66 fabrics onto its platform. 

The award-winning fabrics, including new Cordura re/cor RN66 footwear styles will be showcased through both online and physical Material ConneXion libraries in Bangkok, Daegu, Milan, Skövde, Tokyo and its headquarters in New York City. This nomination underscores the Cordura brand focus on urging the industry to ‘Expect More, Waste Less’ and spotlights authorized long-standing Cordura mill partners Dong Jin and Tiong Liong Corporation (TLC).

In addition to recognizing eight innovative Cordura re/cor RN66 styles targeted at the bag/pack, reinforcements and outerwear market from Dong Jin Corporation, the featured collection includes two new styles from Tiong Liong Corporation, highlighting the debut of the Cordura re/cor RN66 fabric collection into the footwear space.

“We are honoured that these fabrics have been selected for inclusion in such a leading innovative, sustainable materials driven global platform,” said Cindy McNaull, Cordura brand business development director. “Between Material ConneXion’s extensive international showrooms and the easy accessibility of its online database, designers will have quick and convenient insight into our latest Cordura re/cor RN66 innovations.  The Material ConneXion online platform, Material Insights, is the perfect complement to our award-winning Cordura Fabric Finder digital resource.”

The expansion of Cordura re/cor RN66 fabric adoption into the footwear space marks a strong first phase of INVISTA Performance Materials Recycled Nylon 66 launch. This latest addition to the Material ConneXion library compliments the ISPO Textrends 2022 and Performance Days / Functional Fabric Fair award wins for the new Cordura re/cor RN66 platform.

Dr. Gayatri Keskar, VP of Research for Material ConneXion added: “Including Cordura re/cor RN66 allows us to expand our portfolio and offer a wider variety of sustainable, durable, cross-functional fabrics to our audience. Thanks to Cordura re/cor RN66, brands no longer need to choose between sustainability and performance, thus enabling easier market adoption. And consumers can keep enjoying the high-quality products they like at a lower environmental footprint.”

Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd. (TLC) has been developing functional and environmentally friendly composite footwear materials for over four decades. Throughout this time, it has been committed to making the brand more innovative and sustainable. This year brings the addition of Cordura re/cor RN66 into its eco-friendly processing techniques and smart manufacturing, marking the first foray into the Footwear Space for the Cordura re/cor RN66 fabric portfolio.

Flora Tang, Tiong Liong Corporation project manager commented: “We are proud to support the footwear market expansion of Cordura re/cor RN66. To get started, we developed two versions of Cordura re/cor RN66 rip-stop wovens -  4-way stretch and non-stretch. Fabric styles include CFINT001 100% RN66; and CFLNT001 85% RN66 + 15% Spandex. Cordura re/cor RN66 fabric technology gives us the ultimate combination of sustainability and strength.”

Currently available in over 30 unique combinations of weave and on-trend colours, Dong Jin’s Cordura re/cor RN66 (Recycled Nylon 6,6) collection is ‘durable, responsible and innovated to last.’ In terms of quantifiable benefits versus Virgin Nylon 6,6, the production of Cordura re/cor RN66 produces 83% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, consumes 82% less energy, and uses 57% less water.  Cordura re/cor RN66 is made from 100% pre-consumer material that is 100% GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified. The Cordura brand ethos can be summed up in the belief that “Sustainability Begins With Products That Last, and this latest development challenges the throwaway mentality within the footwear industry.

According to Richard Kim, senior sales manager, Dong Jin International: “As a long-standing partner with Invista, we were honoured to collaborate with them on the development of Cordura re/cor RN66 fabrics. Together we were able to rapidly accelerate innovation working collaboratively to iterate, develop, and test alongside our valuable brand partners to bring this exciting new durable, responsible recycled nylon 6,6 platform to the market, including early adoptions with Supreme, Black Ember, and Mystery Ranch.”

For this Materials ConneXion nomination, the following Cordura re/cor RN66 certified styles were selected:

Dong Jin

FTC0010540 (100% R-N66 210D, 263 gsm, Elongated Honeycomb, Color; Spice)

FTC0010546  (100% R-N66 210D, 178 gsm, 3 ply Ripstop. Color: Yellow)

FTC0010548 (100% R-N66 210D, 185 gsm, COR DIA DOBB, Color: Red)

FTC0010544  (100% R-N66 840D, 313 gsm, COR BALLISTIC, Color: Undyed)

FTC0010537 (100% R-N66 420D, 280 gsm,  COR VELOCITY, Color: Blue)

FTC0010631 (100% R-N66 500, 258 gsm, COR CLASSIC, Color:  Beige)

FTC0010634 (100% R-N66 1000D, 346 gsm, COR CLASSIC, Color: Green)

FTC0010322 (100% R-N66 420D, 229 gsm, COR BALANCED, Color: Gray)

Tiong Liong Corporation

CFINT00 (100% RN66, 75 (warp) x 60 (weft)

CFLNT001 (85% rN66 + 15% Spandex, 95 (warp) x 79 (weft)

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