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Cordura to showcase fabric innovations for soldier systems at LAAD 2017

The range of new hardwearing and versatile soldier systems solutions on display will include Cordura Nyco Extreme and Tactical uniform fabrics.

31st March 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wichita, KS


Invista’s Cordura brand, a leading fabric brand for militaries, will share its latest fabric innovations for military gear and apparel at LAAD 2017, which will take place from 4-7 April 2017 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

“As we continue our 50th anniversary celebration, we nod to military fabrics as a key element of our brand’s heritage,” said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director. “By combining this durable legacy with today’s latest innovations, we can continue pushing the limits of technical fabrics used in military/tactical gear. Servicemen dedicate their lives to protecting us, so we are constantly striving to develop fit for purpose fabrics to help protect them with the right gear for their mission.”

The range of new hardwearing and versatile soldier systems solutions on display at the Cordura brand booth will include Cordura Nyco Extreme and Tactical uniform fabrics featuring the brand’s patent-pending Invista T420HT high tenacity fibre and Solution Dyed fabric and webbings with built in lot to lot colour uniformity and NIR/SWIR reflectance capabilities for enhanced night vision goggle detection avoidance.

Invista 420HT Fibre

First in a suite of many product innovations for 2017 and targeting next generation durable uniform fabrics, the new T420HT technology is a patent-pending high tenacity staple fibre. Designed to help enhance the core strength of fabrics and particularly suited to use in lighter weight constructions, this Cordura brand qualifying fibre technology is the strongest nylon 6,6 staple fibre ever produced by Invista.

Already adopted by major international militaries, Cordura Nyco fabric blends based on Invista T420HT fibre are undergoing extensive wear trials for next generation combat uniforms, the company reports.

Cordura SDN technologies

“For nearly 50 years, the Cordura brand has been driving military textile innovation with performance solutions featured in both fabrics and webbings used extensively in combat gear, such as Cordura brand SDN yarn technology,” the manufacturer reports. These solutions are suitable for use in load carriage packs and bags, boots, body armour covers, knee/elbow pads and other similar military and tactical gear. 

Currently available in a palette of six military colours that meet both lot-to-lot colour and IR (infrared) requirements, these textiles have built-in NIR/SWIR reflectance capability, as well as resistance to sunlight UV fade loss. Through the brand’s Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), 1000d SDN Cordura fabrics also have proven sustainability benefits related to water, energy, and CO2 emissions versus equivalent weight conventional piece dyed nylon 6,6 alternatives.

Cordura Nyco Extreme and Tactical uniform fabrics

Focusing on lightweight comfort, Cordura Nyco Extreme and Tactical fabrics are the latest innovations in a line of Cordura brand solutions for US and worldwide military and tactical uniform programmes. These fabrics are said to offer an optimised spun blend of Invista T420HT fibre and cotton and are engineered to help provide lightweight comfort and durable performance.

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