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COVID-19: Positive test results for anti-viral textile finish imminent

Test results are expected to show that HealthGuard’s anti-viral textile finish is expected to kill Human Strain COVID-19...

20th April 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, Australia based HealthGuard Corporation, a leader in non-invasive healthcare, has announced that its HealthGuard AMIC/PLB has been tested using live Corona Virus at the Guang Dong Detection Centre of Microbiology. The company claims that its HealthGuard AMIC/PLB anti-viral textile finish has been independently tested to be 99.9% effective against killing spores of Corona Virus (H1N1), SARS and Influenza Virus when applied correctly to fibres and fabrics.

“We are expecting excellent results on Human Strain COVID-19. That testing report will be available very soon,” Dr Christopher Harvey, President of HealthGuard, told Innovation in Textiles.

“HealthGuard products are easily applied by padding onto piece goods or spraying onto fibre in the tow. No changes in finishing need to be made,” Dr Harvey added.

“HealthGuard AMIC/PLB has been independently tested to be durable up to 50 wash cycles whilst retaining efficacy.”

“We foresee the application of HealthGuard AMIC/PLB treatment on all bedding, mattresses and pillow fillings, to be used on cruise ships, aeroplanes, trains, public transport seating, all hotel soft furnishings, public institutions and aged care facilities.”

HealthGuard PLB is Oeko-Tex Active Chemical Products (ACP) listed. The company’s products are manufactured in Melbourne at its Australian Government approved licenced manufacturing plant. Its state of the arts facility provides for 100 tons of capacity per day, coupled with a masterbatch enterprise manufacturing facility.

HealthGuard Corporation Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1990 specifically as a Research and Development arm of Global Specialty Chemicals Pty. Ltd. Both companies are privately held within the Harvey family group.

“The initial success of the HealthGuard Corporation Pty. Ltd. was our triple action anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial/fungal treatment for textiles,” Dr Harvey explains. “When this HealthGuard treatment is applied to mattress tickings, PU Foam and PES fibres used in the construction of mattresses, pillows fillings and duvets, the dust mite colony reduced by 99.9%. Therefore, no House Dust Mites (HDM) pathogens were created, which are known triggers for asthma attacks to 70% of all asthma sufferers.”

“We still enjoy receiving testimonials from clients who buy beds, bedding, furniture upholstered with HealthGuard treated fabrics.”

More products soon followed, with triple action anti-mosquito and anti-bacterial/fungal treatments for clothing, camping gear and outdoor adventure clothing. HealthGuard was also first to market with anti-microbial treatments for textiles which inhibited the growth of superbugs such as MRSA and VRE, a treatment which is used on many hospital gowns worldwide.

For further information contact:

Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]

Phone: +61 3 9308 6888

Fax: +61 3 9308 6777


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