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Datacolor partners with CSI

Datacolor, part of DyStar Textile Services, has partnered a leading provider of colour standards and colour communication tools for the textiles industry.

14th January 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Lawrenceville, NJ


The implementation of CSI’s branded version, which includes the ColorWall and the ability to add a brand’s own colours on the ColorReaderPRO offer time and cost savings to the textiles industry by eliminating the need to manually search and match textile colour samples with swatches or colour codes, the company explains.

“Speed to market remains a driving influence upon the fashion and apparel industry, making it essential that brands spend less and less time on colour development and matching,” said Tim Williams, Marketing Manager, CSI.

“Through this partnership, we’re answering our customers’ call for a solution allowing them to easily and quickly select existing colours in their library or to choose a colour from our 3,700+ ColorWall during the colour palette creation process. Thanks to the compact, simple-to-use ColorReaderPRO, industry professionals will dramatically speed up their seasonal colour palette development process.”

The solution is designed to allow brands to accelerate palette creation, reduce the cost of colour development and ensure colour quality and evaluation throughout the supply chain using the hand-held, Bluetooth-connected ColorReaderPRO tool – helping keep these brands competitive in the fast-paced fashion industry.

“We are excited to debut this solution with our long-time partners at CSI and offer the textile industry yet another innovative colour management solution,” said Dustin Bowersox, Textile Marketing Manager for Datacolor.

“With the simple push of a button, designers can now match any colour to the closest CSI colour standard, or their existing custom colour library, effectively eliminating the need for manual colour look-up. Boasting industry-leading colour matching accuracy, the ultra-portable ColorReaderPRO lets users capture and quickly share inspiration colours and associated palettes, while improving component matching with on-the-go colour pass/fail checks.”

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