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Design freedom with ColorMind

Contract carpet manufacturers benefit from customised lot sizes and bobbin lengths.

19th May 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Wielsbeke, Belgium


B.I.G. Yarns, based in Wielsbeke, Belgium, is introducing the ColorMind two-step polyamide 6 yarn collection which brings greater design freedom to manufacturers of high-end loop-pile contract and automotive carpets,

Available from mid-June 2021 in both standard and EqoCycle 75% recycled content yarns, designers are invited to work closely with B.I.G. Yarns experts to realise new designs. Combinations of variable levels of twisting and air entanglement, using up to six colours at once, elevate design possibilities beyond current limitations.

The ColorMind colour bank features pre-defined colours which are always in stock for shorter lead times. Manufacturers can also benefit from customised lot sizes and bobbin lengths, creating even more flexibility.

As a taster of the potential directions opened up for loop-pile carpets, B.I.G. Yarns has used the technology to achieve its own Optica dot and Illusion wave effects.

“ColorMind offers never-before-seen yarn diversity to support a new level of design sophistication in high-end carpet segments,” said Emmanuel Colchen, general manager of B.I.G. Yarns. “We’re very proud and excited to enter into two-step yarns with a solution offering something truly special – the result of intensive dedication from our design and development teams. It combines our strengths in delivering high-performance and more sustainable yarns to fit the evolving demands of these segments, underpinned by our expertise in colour sequencing and mixing. We’re looking forward to exciting collaborations and innovative, eye-catching designs for future loop-pile carpets.”

ColorMind PA6 yarns are based on a unique solution dyed nylon yarn and are suitable for Class 33 certification (heavy commercial use). The EqoCycle yarn version is mainly based on post-industrial waste and supports contract and automotive carpet- manufacturers with a drop-in circular solution to reduce the ecological footprint of their end carpets.

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