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Designtex and Celliant launch upholstery fabrics range

Celliant is a patented, clinically-tested textile technology that harnesses and recycles the body’s natural energy.

11th March 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  New York City


Designtex and Hologenix, inventor of Celliant, have announced the launch of Designtex Celliant upholstery. Celliant is a blend of naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals that are applied as a nonwoven backing to four fabrics across fifty colours.

“The minerals work to capture and convert body heat into infrared energy, which has been clinically shown to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation, as well as help regulate body temperature, all of which means more energy, endurance, comfort and well-being,” Designtex and Celliant said in a press statement this morning.

"We like to think of this new collection as charging stations for people," said Susan Lyons, Designtex President. "The technology provides health and wellness benefits for sedentary moments, like an office worker in their chair or a person sitting in a waiting room, which is revolutionary. It really is a human solution and we are proud to be a part of bringing wellness to the built environment."

Designtex is a leader in the design and manufacturing of applied materials for built environments, including education, retail, hospitality and healthcare spaces, as well as entertainment and sporting arenas. Celliant is a prominent developer of infrared responsive textiles, which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products.

"People have mentally and physically demanding careers," noted Hologenix CEO, Seth Casden. "Designtex recognizes that people need mental acuity, strength and endurance to perform at their best. They are evolving the textile industry with beautiful upholstery that doesn't just nourish the soul but also promotes well-being. With Designtex Celliant, these environments aren't just spaces you work in, but environments that work for you. This is a key moment in the evolution of textiles and spatial wellness, and we're proud to be partnered with Designtex."

“Designtex Celliant upholstery is the future of fabrics. With Celliant technology, Designtex and Hologenix are delivering wellness to the built environment with a solution to amplify the energy, endurance and comfort of the user,” the companies conclude.

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