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Digital twin technology in VStitcher fashion design

Accelerating the process of rendering, animating and showcasing designs and speeding time to market.

21st July 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  USA


Trapdoor Creative is partnering with Browzwear to enable designers to use Stage technology for 3D visualisations directly from Browzwear’s VStitcher fashion design platform.

The integration of the Stage API from Trapdoor is part of Browzwear’s open platform approach, which facilitates connections between VStitcher and an array of industry-related software solutions. For fashion brands and manufacturers, this enhances the ability to drive efficiencies by seamlessly digitizing entire workflows.

For VStitcher users, the addition unlocks the power of Unreal Engine 5 through Trapdoor’s user-friendly and streamlined platform. This will accelerate processes including rendering and animating designs, allowing users to review designs, receive feedback, make changes and provide updated renderings for approval near-instantly. With the ability to perform the complete cycle quickly and with scale, brands and manufacturers can showcase collections digitally while having confidence that manufactured items will appear exactly as their digital twins do, enabling them to reduce material waste while also speeding up time to market.

“We are confident this integration will empower fashion businesses to operate more efficiently throughout the entire process,” said Trapdoor founder and CEO Barry Zundel. “From fit and design through to visualisation and marketing, fashion brands can leverage the most photorealistic visualisations possible to truly envision the end product, which will speed time to market while also enabling them to reduce waste in manufacturing.” 

VStitcher users can begin accessing Stage now, and Trapdoor Creative is offering users an extended trial period  and discount on enterprise licenses for the first year of service.

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